“Athens, we’ve got a problem…”

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As my tiny space capsule swings in an atmosphere full of grey fire-wood smog and yellow clouds full of Sahara clouds, I am sitting here wondering if I should call the ground control. I see an alarming situation emerging right before my dirty window.

A coalition government having to deal with a huge amount of  problems, open fronts with several society groups and imposed measures like the ‘civil mobilization’,  that threaten the democratic structures of the country.

Farmers block the highways, seamen block the seaways, metro workers blocking the public transport.

Lists, usb sticks and CDs full with names of tax evaders – no one has been investigated on possible black money so far.

Terrorists growing like mushrooms despite arrests that have brought some 30 of them behind bars.

Taxes cracking the spine of average employee, pensioner and property owners.

Chronic-ill having to pay more for their medication, while social benefits decreased.

More homeless on the streets.

Debts trample on dignities.

Desperate people pushing for a bag of free vegetables.

More than 1 million people without job and income.

Workers earning so much to come along only two weeks of a whole month.

Skyrocketed electricity bills.

Heating oil prices hardly someone can afford.

No price reductions in basic goods.


Growing discomfort in the society.

Coalition government leaders trying hard to keep their mps within the fence.

Bad paid riot policemen against those who raise their voices against austerity measures.

Greeks drifting into two-class society.

Wish-lists in the place of concrete plans for development and growth.

I can’t help but I must shout it before the tank explodes: “Athens, we’ve got a problem!”