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Daily Archives: February 20, 2013

Greek steals Dali painting from New York Gallery & returns it by mail

The stealing of a Salavador Dali painting was as ‘surreal’ as the famous painter would have thought. Suspect Phivos Istavrioglou, 29, not only he left his finger prints behind after stashing it in a shopping bag and flew it to Athens, Greece. He returned it to gallery per post.  Security cameras had captured …

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Athens: tear gas, stones, one injured as thousands protest austerity

Violent incidents broke out in downtown Athens when riot police hindered protesters to come closer to several hotels near the Greek Parliament at Syntagma Square. Protesters started to hurl stones, flares and molotov cocktails bombs against the policemen, while the latter answered with tear gas. Greek media report that the …

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Samaras’ advisor tweets appalling statement and triggers outrage

What Failos Kranidiotis, an advisor to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, tweeted on Tuesday, could not be perceived even ‘black humour’. One of his followers commented to an apparently older Kranidiotis tweet: “Violence is when my old father goes to doctor and sees a sign “10 free visits are over”! If he dies, I will …

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Greek unemployment: 106K CVs for 20 job vacancies

More than 106,000 CVs have been saved on the data base of a supermarket chain, while the management does not expect to offer more than 20 job vacancies during the next months. This reality captures the agony of thousands of young people trying to get a job. Any job. Irrespectively of education and skills …

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