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Greece finds horse DNA in imported Salami and locally produced Kebab

Greek National Food Control Authority announced Friday that two more tested samples of “beef” were found to contain horse DNA. The first sample was found in minced meat ‘kebab’ prepared by a local producer, while the second sample was found in salami imported from Holland. Both samples were taken from shops in Northeastern Greece.

Below the official EFET statement:

“Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) following actions that have been undertaken in collaboration with the General Veterinary Directorate of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and according to latest results of laboratory tests that have been planned informs consumers that two (2) additional samples were found positive in relation to horse DNA detection. These findings were the results
of the relevant controls performed by the Prefectural Directorate of EFET in East Macedonia and Thrace.

More specifically, the recall refers to the following products:

1) Frozen “KEBAB, ARMENIAN TYPE”, with trade name “AR-KAS/AΡ-ΚΑΣ”, in package of 1kg, producer-packager «MPATANIAN S.A., Industrial Zone of Koropi», which is distributed by the Super Market “METRO ΑVΕΕ, subbranch in Kavala”.
2) BEEF SALAMI, with trade name “Destan”, in package of 500g, produced by the Dutch company “DEMKA GmbH”, approval number NL 77 EG, and  distributed by the grocery shop “Giakoup Giakoup, Filira Sappon, Rhodopes”.

EFET requested the immediate recall/withdrawal of the above products, in their
total, from the internal market.” (full statement and product pictures here, open PDF in File1

The ways of horse DNA are long and dark: DEMKA, a Turkish company, has its headquarters in Mannheim, Germany.  The labels of DESTAN salami sold in Greece were in Turkish with a Greek translation marking the product as “beef”.

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