German policemen at Greek airports to check travellers bound to Germany

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Serious questions have been raised by the intergovernmental agreement, according to which German police officers will be placed in major Greek airports to check travelers bound for Germany. The implementation of the decisions of the Lisbon Treaty and the Dublin should logically be performed by Greek civil servants and not by “imported” police officers, even if they do not carry weapons and their duty is “advisory” and in close cooperation with Greek authorities.

All these come to light after the decision to place an officer from the German police at the airport of Heralkio, Crete, “Nikos Kazantzakis“. The assignment will start to tomorrow, April 3rd 2013.

The “German service” will last until September 30th 2013, when the tourist season ends.

Posts by other German police officers will be occupied also at airport “Eleftherios Venizelos “in Athens and ” Macedonia” in Thessaloniki.

German policeman

Undercover at Greek airports

According to the text of the order which was sent a few days ago to Heraklio police,  German officer (not mentioned degree) will have an advisory role, but not operational tasks. He will not wear a uniform, neither he will carry a gun.

In particular, the officer is expected to be familiar with the Greek language and within his duties include assistance to department staff of the airport and control of  false travel documents upon request.

The officer will also be able to collect data and make them available to the Greek police if needed.

According to local media, Heraklio police headquarters had responded negative to the assignment but police at the airport had given the green light.

It is expected that the German officer will have an office at the Airport.

However, the majority of the Cretan media, say that this assignment initiates a great debate because of the  timing and the atmosphere in the European South towards the Germans and their role in Europe’s recession.

The fact that the officer will be placed at a point that million of visitors cross every summer raises about whether indeed the powers will be that limited. (via

I remember very well the German plans to send tax collectors in Greece. That was very difficult, it seems. Sending German police officers looks easier. One more German invasion in the country is that German municipalities will establish their own offices here in Greece. Of course, “for consultations and advices purposes only” – as I read recently. I suppose, a Fuchtel-plan

Slowly but gradually and almost unnoticed German civil servants will take over Greece.

PS So glad, Greece offers job opportunities to Germans 🙂