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Greeks we Love! Karelias Tobaccos distributes extra bonuses worth €3million among employees

This is something we do not read every day in Greece of recession and misery: Bonuses exceeding 3 million euro will be distributed among the 487 employees of Greece’s leading exporter of cigarettes, the Karelia SA. This was announced by the administration during the traditional festival the company organizes every year for its employees in the headquarters in Kalamata in south-west Peloponnese.

“The bonuses and benefits – the highest in the history of the company- come to seal a successful year in which the Karelia SA had an 17% increase of turnover. And thus despite the fierce competition, the uncertain business environment, the backdrop of Grexit rumors, capital controls, etc.,” said CEO Andreas Karelias during a press conference on Tuesday.

The bonuses included among others:

Two bonuses of € 200 and of  €800, total €1,000 for every employee.

Exceptional financial assistance of € 1,400,00 for each worker who has children studying at state universities or professional colleges (TEI)State University or TEI.

Workers whose children have succeeded exams to study in above mentions institutions in 2015, will receive additional support € 500, and an ultramodern laptop to these new students too.

Workers with monthly earnings over € 1,700, will receive additional exceptional financial assistance € 800, while those earning between €1,200-€1,699 will recieve an extra € 1,500. Lower earners will get € 2.500.

Extra bonuses will be given also to workers with children, depending on salary criteria and number of children.

All these benefits will be given net, that is the company will cover all taxes and other deductions.

“Last year the company hired 34 people and made an investment of 3.5 million to increase production capacity,” Karelias said adding the the company increased its Greek market share but also its exports abroad and revealed plans for 2016.


Karelia Fine Tobaccos is the name of the oldest tobacco company in Greece. It was founded in 1888 in Kalamata, where it has its headquarters until today.  It is the leading exporter of cigarettes in Greece with exports to 65 countries. The company active in tobacco products manufacture and export. The company’s product portfolio is comprised of cigarettes, cigars and hand rolling tobacco. Karelias family owns 74.45% of the company.

PS I think, I will submit my CV to Karelias, not so much for the bonuses but for the sake of being a company worth work for.

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  1. Although I disapprove of smoking, at least this is a company that treats its employees with consideration and respect. Besides, I am no longer convinced that living longer is a desirable thing; we may as well die younger but enjoy life.

  2. Tobacco products are bad for the environment. Ruin the health of not on,y users, but anyone living in the same atmosphere. So. No. We should not ‘love’ this company, but we can admire it’s labor policy ….eg: love the sinner. Not the sin. Got it?