Same policies as usual: The IMF wants lowering of Greece’s €586-gross Minimum Wage

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What if we hear again and again, International Monetary Fund officials saying “we have made mistakes with the Greek program” and the usual stuff. The IMF keeps up its neo-liberal policies and will keep them up till the end of the days.

In a report, the IMF insists on considering that the €586 gross minimum wage per month is high and urges the Greek government to proceed with a new approach on calculating it.

Furthermore, the fund wants the abolishment of 3-year wage increases as well as of the 13th and 14th salary (Christmas and vacation bonus.)

The IMF urges the government to proceed with the so-called labor reforms, strike lock-out, mass lay-offs, changes in labor unions law…

…and opening of closed professions.

All these as usual in the name of competitiveness.

PS After 6-7 years of austerity packages, I wonder, why the IMF does not abolish wages all together. Instead of wages, the state could nationalize all private enterprises and offer free housing, food-, water-, electricity- and clothing-coupons. But … ops! that would be Communism!