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Hollywood star Will Smith and family clean up beaches on Antipaxos while on Ionian cruise

Hollywood star Will Smith, his wife Jada and his daughter Willow cleaned up three beaches on the island of Antipaxos. The Smiths have been cruising the Ionian Sea in Western Greece on a yacht. They obviously could not just swim and have fun after they saw the famous plastic “souvenirs” on the Greek beaches.

Will’s sixteen-year old daughter, Willow, posted about the clean the beaches action on her Instagram account and spread the news to her 2.3 million followers.

She wrote that a group of seven people cleaned up three beaches littered with trash and gathered 22 plastic bags full of plastic and urban debris.

Being so far away from what I perceive as a polluted metropolis, I couldn't stand seeing these beautiful beaches in Greece littered with trash. I saw seagulls, dead on their backs from choking on tiny slivers of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials; They even die from eating fish who have ingested these particle-size slivers. 4 beautiful humans accompanied my mom and I in gathering 22 trash bags full of plastics and urban debris off of 3 small beaches in Antípaxos, Greece. When we see these things on our TV's or phones it seems far away for some reason; But when it's right in front of you I feel as though it is humanities responsibility to do as much as we can (in the moment and long-term) no matter how small the action is. As we all start to do our part, we gradually make a difference. Hopefully today we were able to elongate and preserve the beauty & existence of the local sea life.

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Her post has 59,062 Likes and 1.091 comments.

Many Greeks also commented on her post and congratulated her for the initiative.

The Smith family loaded the garbage bags on their yacht – and probably handed them over to some local landfill.

Actor, musician and rapper, Will Smith, his wife Jada Koren Pinkett–Smith who is also actress and musicician and their talented daughter Willow Smith have been cruising the Ionian Sea. Next to Antipaxos they also paid a visit to Corfu.

According to local media Corfypress, the Smiths enjoyed lunch in a restaurant n the old city in Kerkyra. Star Will Smith had a picture with the owner.

Willow Smith posted also amazing pictures promoting the natural beauties of Greece. Not just the pollution and the human neglectfulness and ignorance.

💙<Mermaid Chill-spots>💙

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Willow Smith is also actress, singer and dancer.

Apart from her artistic skills, she has also social sensibilities.

Willow and with her two brothers are youth ambassadors for Project Zambi, which, in conjunction with Hasbro provides assistance for Zambian children orphaned by AIDS.

PS kudos!

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  1. Maybe the Greeks should stop littering so much to avoid all this.
    I had a conversation with a Greek in a club and asked him why he was throwing his cigarette on the floor once he finished smoking.
    He told me ‘This is Greece!’

  2. Jimmy the Greek

    ^^^^^^ maybe the Greeks can stop littering and maybe the tourists also should stop littering, most of these beaches are overrun my tourists.. ps, Greeks yes they litter, but so does the rest of the world.. with that said people need to put in their share of picking up, then we might accomplish something!

  3. The garbage collectors are on strike.We really love the initiative Smith family took,they have all our respect and sympathy!May we all start helping our neighbours!

  4. Greece is a fucking shithole. It has always been a mess, even during the good times.
    Its obvious that the Greeks don’t deserve or can not handle the responsibility of running a nation.
    Time has come for the Greeks to finally hand over the keys to the country to professionals be it major multinational firms or just merge with a civilised nation. Outsource everything!

    From finance to law to health care, Greece is from decades to centuries behind other nations.
    After nearly 200 years as a nation the thought of creating a land registry system just occurred. Believe it or not many records have to be located in Turkey. WTF? Who is going to invest in a country that can’t guarantee title to a flat or city block? Things are getting worse by the day. The siesta is still practiced and the hours have been extended. No police. No ambulances. Hospitals that look like a junkyard HQ. It is common to see signs warning pedestrians of falling stucco from buildings. I haven’t even been to Athens yet and I can imagine what I will see there after three years of being away. The Greeks don’t even have much faith that the new highway to Patra will survive the first heavy rain.
    Slow and spotty Internet. Banks open just to serve expletives paying bills. It is very difficult to open an account and to make an investment. Dogs roaming freely with protection of the government. I even saw two dogs inside the entry at the casino last week. Fleas at every cafe. I will soon forget about Greece. It’s not worth a twenty hour journey just to walk on broken sidewalks and step over dogs. There are beautiful and friendly beaches all over the world. Cheaper accommodations and with sincere friendly smiles.
    If you ask me, the wrong people were persecuted during the holocaust. The Greek mentality must be wiped off the planet. Shlomo has spoken….

  5. keeptalkinggreece

    hahaha! shlomo has made people laugh early in the morning

  6. Thank you Shlomo for publicising Schaeuble’s talk in the yesterday’s session of Merkel’s cabinet.

  7. Sholmo, why don’t you tell us what you really think? Lol
    I love Greece 🇬🇷

  8. If you ask me, the wrong people were persecuted during the holocaust. The Greek mentality must be wiped off the planet. Shlomo has spoken….

    WOW I AM SPEECHLESS at the last comment. First of all Shlomo the world and you exist because of two countries in this world ISRAEL and GREECE. Greece was the birthplace of western civilization. Everything that you have today is because of these two countries. We even have the Bible to back us up how these two countries have contributed so much to society and the start of civilizations more than any other two countries in the world. There is a reason why the Bible was written originally in Hebrew and Greek. That was no coincidence. You think Greece is the only country polluted and screwed up? Go to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal,etc. The politicians and greed have destroyed these great beautiful countries. Ohh and here’s another fact that maybe you didn’t know pollution is also caused by tourists as well not just Greeks. Keep that in mind when a country’s main source is tourism. You can hate Greece all you want that’s your choice but when you say the wrong people were persecuted during the holocaust (btw no one should have been persecuted during the holecaust not even Shlomo) and that the Greek mentality should be wiped of the face of this earth when it’s the Greeks that invented and civilized most of the world like I said. But then again Shlomo I apologize maybe you don’t believe in God and you believe in evolution in that case my sincerest apologies because only a dumb ape would talk the way you just talked.