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Retired policeman arrested for sending bullets to gov’t officials, Muslim communities

Greek police arrested a retired policeman accused to have sent envelopes containing bullets and threats to government officials among them the governor of Bank of Greece, journalists and Muslim communities in Athens..

In a statement, the Counter-Terror Department of  Greek Police said that ten cases of sent envelopes containing bullets as well as messages of threatening and racist content have been resolved.

Among those who received the envelopes were former alternate Finance Minister Tryfon Alexiadis, former General Secretary of the Finance Ministry Giorgos Mergos, former governor of Bank of Greece, Giorgos Provopoulos, PASOK MP LEonidas Grigorakos and journalist Giannis Pretenteris.

The 55-year-old man had retired in 2011.

He started to send his envelopes in 2013 and continued until May 2017. He last parcel with three bullets was sent to the Independent Authority for Public Revenues.

In May 2013, he sent envelopes to four Muslim organizations in Athens.

Police research in his home in the Attica prefecture on July 3rd 2017, found several firearm bullets.

He was taken to the prosecutor and is to be charged.

According to media information, the retired policeman’s political background was in the far-right spectrum.

State ERT TV reported that the man had an ‘unstable personality’.

PS served the police despite unstable personality?

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