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Two die after fire breaks out in Welfare Home for Elderly

Two women died and one is in critical condition after a fire broke out in a Welfare Home for Elderly in Kallithea suburb of south Athens. The fire broke out around 6 o’ clock Saturday morning in the basement of the building, where the room of the women was.

Strong fire service forces could extinguish the fire but found the two elderly women dead. According to preliminary media reports, the two have most likely died after inhaling the toxic fumes.

Two residents were transferred to hospital with respiratory problems. One elderly woman is in critical condition.

Fire fighters evacuated nine other residents of the welfare establishment. Seven of them, 5 women and 2 men, were reportedly also transferred to hospitals for precautionary reasons.

The causes of the fire are not known, the Fire Service investigates.

The Welfare establishment for poor elderly belong to the Archbishopric of Athens.

PS residents’ rooms in the basement? I’m not sure this is allowed.

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