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“If we don’t want FYROM to use Macedonia, we have to go to war,” says SYRIZA MP

“If we don’t want Skopje to be called Macedonia, then we have to go for war. There is no other way to impose our position,” SYRIZA MP Giorgos Dzimanis from Kastoria said on Sunday. If the term “Macedonia” is in the name of FYROM this can conditionally be favorable to Greece.

“If we do not want Skopje to be Macedonia, then we have to go for war. There is no other way to impose our position. To impose your will on your opponent, you have to make war. If we want a diplomatic solution, we have to sit at the table and compromise on some things. IT can be either one way or the other,” he said in an interview to a local television channel.

He underlined that the problem is not the name but the irredentist ambitions of FYROM.

Asked whether he would accept the term Meacedonia in FYROM’s name he replied “the name is not the major issue, as long as irredentist tendencies exist. If we could get rid of the irredentist tendencies under certain conditions the name Macedonia could be in favor of us,” Dzimanis said.

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  1. A war over the name of a country? How much more absurd can the world get. Let those that die in this possible war know that they will die for absolutely NOTHING!

  2. =
    “The Macedonians invaded and conquered Skopje, but Alexander conquered Iran and Afghanistan as well. None of these two other countries ever claimed to be Macedonia,”. “Amphipolis is in Macedonia, Vergina is in Macedonia and Macedonia is in Greece. To claim the opposite is so ridiculous. It is like saying that Jesus went to America..”
    If Greece accepts “Macedonia” does that mean that I have to accept a non-Greek Alexander? For the sake of historical accuracy, it must be understood that Macedonia was and is Greek.
    Denko Malevski was the first minister of foreign affairs of FYROM after the recognition of his country independence.
    Another former politician of FYROM who admits the fabrication of his Country.
    As far as Alexander and his place in the history of the country, Malevski acknowledges that is probably the result of political planning, rather than historical tradition.
    “The idea that Alexander the Great belongs to us was in the minds of some outsider groups only.
    These groups were insignificant in the first years of our independence, but the big problem is that the old Balkan Nations they have been used in to legitimize themselves through their history.
    In the Balkans to be recognized as a Nation you need to have a history of 2,000 to 3,000 years old.
    Since you made us to invent a history … WE INVENTED IT !!!!!!!!!!
    Kiro Gligorov:- “We are Slavs who came to this area in the sixth century … we are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians” …(The former President of The FYROM)
    Kiro Gligorov:- “We are Macedonians but we are Slav Macedonians. That’s who we are! We have no connection to Alexander the Greek and his Macedonia… Our ancestors came here in the 5th and 6th century” ……(The former President of The FYROM)
    FYROM is Bulgaria. FYROMians are Bulgarians brainwashed to hate Bulgaria and to think they’re a separate ethnic group. THEY’RE NOT! They speak a dialect of Bulgarian! THEY ARE SLAVS, THEY ARE BULGARIANS! Alexander the Great was GREEK!! Tsar Samuel was BULGARIAN!!!?
    FYROM should be called “Western Bulgaria”, not Macedonia. They are slavs, ancient macedonia was a greek kingdom and they were not slavs.?
    Slavs and Albanians should feel proud for their origin no need to steal anything ,,,History and names … PS they will soon rename the Airport “Maria Tereza” and will remove the fake statue of Alexander the Great?.
    It would be more accurate as F.Y.R.O.Mongolia?, or Vardarskians ?, or Slavodonia, and the people of the country Newbies ?

  3. Carl, tell that to the Greek government. Only the Greeks would talk about needing to impose their will as if they are the USA. Macedonians will die to defend the country’s sovereignty, not for greeks or Albanians, for Macedonians to who it belongs!

    This is as absurd as it would be if Russia had territorial claims in Ukraine and demanded Ukraine to change its name. Which contrary to Western Lies is not the happening.

  4. @ Allen It is a great distraction from the other very serious problems that the government (like every government) has and may also get some votes from the right wingers.

    And what are they going to call the Macedonian language, grammars of which you can but on Amazon.

    They can try and make them call FYROM whatever they want, but since I have traveled several times through Macedonia (Skopje) that is what I’m going to call it for the rest of my life.

    If the government had only had as much courage to confront Schäuble, Merkel and Dragi as they supposedly have on this question, Greece would be in a much better state today.

  5. Evangelos Volotas is right. The naming issue should now be put to rest, as there is too much friction on both sides. I have both Greek and FYROM friends, who are also friends of each other – both sides want a resolution. I suggest that FYROM be renamed as ‘Skopjiana’ and the capital can remain as Skopje.

  6. HAHAHHA , Fact 1 . Alexander of Macedonia , Macedonian not greek
    fact 2 . greece – democracy but Macedonia Kingdom
    FACT 3 Macedonia was never greek until 10 August 1913 when EUROPE GAVE 51 % of Macedonian territory to greece ( THE TREATY OF BUCHAREST )

  7. Evangelos,

    You can try to hide the real history as much as you want and you can keep paying European money to as many politicians in Macedonia to change the name as much as you want but you will not succeed. Why dont you talk about the genocide the greeks have done after the second world war over the Macedonian population in Aegen Macedonia Also why dont you tell everyone how the part Macedonia that is in greece happened to belong to greece now. If you dont know or if you have not been thought at school here is an artical that was written not by Macedonian writer.

    Unfortunately Macedonia spreads over three different countries at the moment and thats totally fine with me same as Californin spreads over two countries but i guess that is way to complicayed for you to understand. On the other side Greece never councored Macedonia it was the other way around. Yes you are correct that with migrataion of people from different parts of the world slavic people ended up in Macedonia too but guess what you the greeks belong to the same exact religion as we the Macedonians and those slavic people that you are talking about.
    I can go on and on but its not worthed because you will not understand because you have been brainwashed so bad and nationalized to hate everyone around Greece.
    One last fact about greece and greek people tell me one naigbor country of Greece that you dont have problems with or tell me one minority that you guys recognizein greece.

    Have a good night and good luck changing our name.

    The real Macedonian!!!!

  8. There are Macedonians in the Republic of Macedonia- as there are in Greece & Bulgaria. These people are one & the same but unfortunately got segrigatedd in 1913 by the Bucharest Treaty. Republic of Macedonia is sovereign, its neighbors have no right to bully it – just because they are bigger & they can! Shame on thrm! & the RU & Nato for having a blind eye. Greek s are complaining about somthing that was thousands of years ago but not accepting the wrong doings in the past century their forfathers have caused.

  9. To Vangelos and thise alike. Have a read. You should be embarrassed.
    ‘The rest of the world is right, not Greece‘

  10. I want to know which Greek parent would send their son to war? Hands up Molon Laughs.

  11. First of all greece should repatriate the part they got like present 1913 from Great Britain and France.
    That’s the same part they call Region of Macedonia,that part belong to Makedonija and bulgaria and albania shud do the same one.
    Not Makedonija is iredentistick but all other countryes how has Macedonians parts on posesion.

  12. Hahaha FYROMians claiming they are “Macedonias” when they don’t even know the meaning of the word. Nor do they know the meanings of the words Alexander, Philippos etc. it’s so funny! Historians laugh at you half the time. The other half they are infuriated by your lunatic claims, little slavs!

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