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Greece’s unemployment still breaks one record after the other – March 2013 rates

I love Greek statistics. Honestly. They pose a challenge to any math-dude and long-memory impaired person. Every month unemployment hits a new record but every month the new unemployment rate is lower than the rate of the previous month. How comes? Oh, the rates of the previous months are revised …

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Deflation shows up in Greece: Inflation at -0.2% in March 2013

Greece’s consumer inflation dropped. According to Greek Statistics authority ELSTAT, it eased to an annual -0.2 percent pace in March from 0.1 percent in the previous month. Herewith , it reached the lowest level after 46 years, since May 1968 when inflation hit -3 percent. Inflation eased in March 2013 …

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Greek central government revenues down 25% in March

March central government net revenues declined by 25% yoy* partly as a result of the payment of previous months΄ tax refunds. VAT revenues reportedly declined by 15% yoy. In the period Jan-March, net revenues reportedly declined by 12% yoy. In the 3 month period, the revenue shortfall versus budget is …

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Public opinion survey: SYRIZA in government with …Samaras as PM

What do austerity- and recession-hit Greeks want? Apparently left-wing SYRIZA in the government but with conservative Antonis Samaras as Prime Minister. This weird preference is the result of the latest public opinion survey that gives SYRIZA 29.5% in the respondents’ choice. According to Public Issue survey: SYRIZA 29.5% Nea Dimocratia …

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Bailout tranche balckmail: Troika wants 25K lay-offs from Greek public sector

Every two-three months the same procedure… Greece’s lenders increase pressure on the government of the debt-ridden country that hesitates to proceed with the Troika’s demands. This time the issue of lay-offs in the public sector lays high on the negotiation table. Greek media report, that the Troika gave a very clear …

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