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Shock, Anger and Grief

Shock, Anger and Grief

Mourning families, mourning friends, mourning colleagues, mourning folks. A whole nation grieves the painful and tragic death of the three bank employees. A whole nation cannot recover from the shock from  the cowardly murder of three employees of Marfin Bank.

Epameinondas Tsakalis, 36, Paraskevi Zoulia, 35, Aggeliki Papathanasopoulou, 32, and her four months unborn baby are the innocent victims of brainless and irresponsible criminals, “criminals” as defined by  Criminal Law, criminals who cannot  hide behind any kind of ideology. Criminals, who have to be traced, captured and punished.

According to forensic surgeon F. Koutsaftis the three employees died from asphyxiation. Koutsaftis said they breathed “huge quantities of smoke” and that only the man has some burns, which shows that he walked through the fire while trying to flee.
Police is looking for the perpetrators of the arson attack on security cameras of the bank. According to preliminary findings at least three people smashed with hammers and stones the glass front of the branch and threw molotov cocktail bombs at the building.

OTOE -Bank Employees Union – in a statement pointed out that the Marfin branch had neither adequate fire protection system, nor a fire exit, neither unbreakable glass windows, while the main entrance was locked.

In ToVima newspaper, Marfin employees complained, that the building was old and “as shown in practice, whoever locked into a floor can die like rats ” as some said.

Sources from the bank’s management stated to the newspaper that the neoclassic building had to be architecturally “preserved” (by law) and therefore it was prohibited to execute any modifications, even an emergency exit. Housing-planners note, however, that if a building has any kind of back yard – or inbuilt space – then there can be built an emergency exit.

Meanwhile the (“sad” according to my opinion) statement from Marfin bank, issued yesterday, reads:
“The family of Marfin mourns today for the murder of three young colleagues. We express our anger against the state that knew that only by chance such tragic incidents have not occurred so far. ”

Three people and an unborn baby found a painful and tragic death, choked by poisonous cloud of black smoke, because …

“Really, Why?” I wonder…

I have been trying to answer the “why” writing for almost half an hour now, writing, editing and erasing. But the answer is simple:

Criminals throw fire bombs → Fire starts in building → Building has no protection system →Three people get trapped and die.

The answer is so tragic simple.

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