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Federation of employees at Greek banks on 24-hour strike Dec 11

The Federation of unions of Greek banks employees will launch a 24-hour strike across the country on Wednesday, December 11, 2019. The mobilization is the response of the Federation OTOE to the recent lay-off by the Piraeus Bank. On the same day, OTOE will launch a protest outside the Labor …

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Greece’s Bank-Employees’ Union (OTOE) On 24h Strike, July 30/2012

 Greece’s Bank-employees Federation (OTOE) launches a warning 24-hour strike on Monday, July 30th 2012. Among the policy changes in the banking sector that OTOE demands are: boosting of real economy and growth, support of social needs and relief of the Greek households, establishing the protection of employment, and defence of pensions, …

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BoG: Greek Bank Employees to Work More for Less Salary

The first employees’ fortress fell on the altar of Memorandum of Understanding II. Once powerful banking sector union had to bow to the dictates of the times. Employees at the Bank of Greece ‘broke’ the collective bargain and agreed to 17% wages and allowances cuts and increase of the working hours. Bank employees …

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Shock, Anger and Grief

Shock, Anger and Grief Mourning families, mourning friends, mourning colleagues, mourning folks. A whole nation grieves the painful and tragic death of the three bank employees. A whole nation cannot recover from the shock from  the cowardly murder of three employees of Marfin Bank. Epameinondas Tsakalis, 36, Paraskevi Zoulia, 35, …

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