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We write Greek NEPOTISM in Capitals


We write Greek NEPOTISM in Capitals

Nepotism – the favoritism granted to relatives and friends regardless of their merits – has been a common practice in Greece.

It has been tolerated by a large percentage of the population for ages, since it provided people with guaranteed income and politicians with guaranteed votes.

Nepotism has been practicing preferably in the Public Administration whereas the Private Sector has not been excluded either.

A recent scandal is about the recruitment for vacancies at the Greek Parliament,  where daughters, sons, nieces & nephews of politicians or even ex-deputies have been employed to work for an employer, who grants not 14 – as it is common- but 16 salaries per year!

Also it seems to be a common practice that politicians allegedly  ‘split’ the vacancies among their local areas, so that when staff is needed for a certain state institution, you will find a lot of candidates stemming from a certain geographical area.

I, for example,  as a resident of an Athenian suburb and lacking of any political connections, would never have a chance for a state job,  even if  I wanted to.

Now,  the system of  Nepotism seems to collapse. At least that’s what many  Greeks thought and hoped after listening to the promises of PM George Papandreou.

In times of harsh austerity measures, salary & pension cuts, tax increases and up going unemployment the majority of Greeks show zero-tolerance towards  Nepotism, Clientelism, and any kind of corruptingisms.

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  1. You do know, I hope, that Papandreou himself is the son of a former prime minister, who was in turn the son of another prime minister…

  2. Of course, I do. It is a brand name like Coca Cola. So voters won’t buy Pepsi…