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Greece's Bankruptcy, Exit the Eurozone: Where these scenarios come from?

All these Leaks about Greece’s bankruptcy, its Debt restructuring and return to Drahma…. where do they come from?

by  Petros Leotsakos – Journalist –



Shades of indications but not evidence have started to emerge about who leaks all these  “doomsday scenarios” about  Greece’s bankruptcy and return  of  Drahma.

First of all I want to say that the return of Drahma will be devastating for the country. It will be the pure economical destruction. It will constitute a historic blunder of enormous proportions.

But while everyone knows the massive adverse impact of such a  move, who are the ones then, who leak that the country will go bankrupt or that it will exit the Eurozone and will bring back the Drahma?

Based on indications but not on evidence one of the leakage sources can be identified as the consultants and  running around aides  of the Government, whose primary target is to create an “atmosphere”.

If, for example, the government wants to pass  new and tough measures, what is most effective than to spread news the orderly scare the average citizen and make him  yield to the harsh measures?

In this climate that is shaped inside Greece, there added the negative attitudes of some ‘centers’ outside Greece. Both accentuate and aggravate the problem, especially the psychology of  people.

There is  a further question to be raised here: the Economic Situation has not stabilized. On the contrary it is  beyond the threshold levels. Any error in handling the crisis  will certainly drive Greece into stalemate. And at the end, perhaps those targeted leakages will eventually turn into facts.

Greece is at threshold levels.Όλη-η-ενημέρωση/item/3615-οι-διαρροές-για-χρεοκοπία-της-χώρας-για-αναδιάρθρωση-για-την-επάνοδο-στην-δραχμή-από-ποια-κέντρα-προέρχονται

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One comment

  1. It is not a matter of leaking.

    It is common sense! When the timing is right Greece will restructure and exit the Euro. That is a certainty.

    When it looks, walks and sound like a duck. It’s a DUCK