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Why Visit Greece? Three More Secret Reasons Revealed…

There many reasons to visit Greece, travel agents will tell you: It’s Greece’s natural  beauties…  crystal clear waters… magical sundown… friendly people… excellent food, that will inspire you to follow the famous Mediterranean diet for the rest of your life….

But I figured out three more  secret reasons that make Greece an exceptional easy going and safe country to visit. You can spend  hundreds  of  relaxing  hours  without fearing  for  your  life or your.. head!

When in Greece, as a beach-goer or a sailor, there is no chance you will meet these:


   An Angry Giant Jellyfish attacking innocent swimmers and sunbathers.

It happened in New Hampshire last week! 50 to 100 beach-goers were stung by a giant  jellyfish. Scientists said all stings came by only one  Cyanea Capillata (official name).

or B)

   An Aggresive Whale Crashing into Your Yacht.

It happened also last week in South Africa. There is even a video about, but for license reasons it can’t be uploaded in youtube. You can watch only pictures….

 Don’t be discouraged  by  air traffic strikes,  flight delays or cancellations. No matter when and what time  you will arrive in Greece… you will never see an airplane landing over your head… like  this!

  Airplane landing in Maho Beach.

This did not  happened once or last week. This happens all the time at the noisiest beach in the world, the Maho Beach resort in the Caribbean.

You see? There are  three more reasons to visit Greece… Reasons you didn’t know and you didn’t dare to ask. You didn’t even think about, right?

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