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Greeks pay highest social security contributions in Europe

 That’s not a surprise. We have no money, we receive almost the lowest salaries but we pay the highest social security contributions in Europe. Indeed Greeks are large, modern empty-pocket  “Zorbas” dancing in the streets the whole day long… And night!  

Greek daily Ta Nea calculated  that out of 50 euros, only 26 enter the pocket and wallet of an employee, while the rest of 24%  lands at the registers of tax offices and insurance funds. Employer and employee contributions in Greece formed 34% of the total labor costs compared to 31% within the 25 European Union member countries.

The high social contributions are in disproportional contrast to the low pensions and the low quality of health care.
At the same time international luminary economists propose cutbacks in employees’ wages to increase …competitiveness. How about some reductions in the social contributions too, guys?

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  1. I’m a British visitor to Greece in the winter (I live aboard my yacht and winter in Greece). I have in previous years experienced Greek healthcare, both public (IKA) and private. Of course I have also experienced the British healthcare system, again both public (NHS) and private. Your readers might be interested to know that my experience of Greek healthcare is that it is as good as that in the UK. Yes – the hospitals are overcrowded, yes – you sometimes have to wait a long time to get seen, yes – the bureaucracy is cumbersome (that does seem to be a Greek thing!) but the speed of being seen, the level of care and the facilities available are in my view as good as those in the UK. I understand there are problems with IKA and the insurance system in general but I would not describe your healthcare system as “low quality”. Certainly most Greek healthcare workers I have come across are more caring and more helpful than those in the UK!

  2. It’s interesting to read another point of view on the IKA issue.
    With “low quality” I mean that you have to pay extra ‘fakellaki’ to get the health care you pay for with your contributions, you have to wait up to 8 weeks for an appointment, that most IKA doctors are just ‘prescription writers’ and thus always in a rush, that they are snobbish and often treat people like sh**. I have a chronic ill family member and we always have to consult a private doctor. IKA writes the medication… It’s helpless.