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Greek students verbally attack Deputy PM Pangalos in Paris (video)

A new episode in the serial of  “Greek Students vs Greek politicians” was recorded Saturday night, this time involving Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos. Deputy PM was attending an event at the culture centre  “Greek House” in Paris, when students entered the room and started shouting slogans and raised banners. The students were set to protest the Greek government policy on the 300 immigrants on hunger strike in Athens.  However it escalated into an anti-government protest.

The angry studentswere shouting  “People throw yugurt at you” and “We didn’t eat them ((the public money) together”, “You should all leave and end the story” and “We don’t respect you”. Again and again they kept chanting “Out!  Out!”.

A stunned Pangalos invited the students to a talk but they refused.  Word after word the tension grew, the tone of the debate became increasingly intense and ended with the students clapping their hands and shouting  “Out!” for more than one minute. 

The Greek and French students lifted a banner  that read “In Greece, like in France, we support immigrants without documents”.

Theodoros Pangalos was attending an event organized by famous Greek director Costas Gavras. His legendary anti-junta film “Z” and his latest “Paradise West” a film about illegal immigrants, were to be shown. Neither Gavras was able to clam the angry spirits and at the every end, Pangalos, Gavras and several officials present left the room. The event was cancelled.

It was the second similar episode after Greek students verbally attacked prime minister George Papandreou while he was delivering a speech at the Humboldt University in Berlin, last Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the office of Theodoros Pangalos issued a statement describing the incident as “an intervension of  terrorist nature by French anarchists and supporters of Greek left-wing party SYRIZA”. He accused them of having an “authoritarian perception”. 

Theodoros Pangalos has often provoked the common sense by agruing that “citizens and politicians spent the public money together” and describing Greek civil servants as “curs” and readers of a certain newspaper as “animals”.

Video from the incident in Greek & French

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