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Five targetted by Cyber-Police on hoax e-mail claiming collapse of economy

 A fisherman from Messolonghi, a car worker from Chania, a self-employed from Athens and two other unidentified persons are targeted by the cyber-crime police as the senders of the hoax e-mail claiming the collapse of the Greek economy. The e-mail that was apparently sent simultaneously from internet cafes across the country and was copy pasted by dozens of Greek blogs and websites caused panic among the citizens with the effct that more than 200,000 euros were withdrawn by bank accounts customers.

The email was claiming that the Geek economy would collapse and the country would introduce the Drachma as national currency on March 25 2011, after the EU leaders summit. The e-mail was sent on March 9, 2011 and concerned citizens rushed to banks the following morning.

Yesterday, a 43-year-old man appeared at the police station of Chania, on Crete and confessed that he sent the e-mail because he was jobless and angry about the economic crisis. He claimed he had no idea his e-mail would create such a mess.

Daily TA NEA quoting sources from the Finance Ministry reported that bank customers withdrew more than 200,000 euros and deposited them at banks abroad. Police sources told the newspaper that the e-mails were sent simultaneously from internet cafes in  the western and northern suburbs of Athens, in the city downtown, in Messolonghi and Chania. Now police is trying to find out who was the first sender through information by internet providers. There is a major question as to whether the e-mails was a concerted effort to create a fictitious impression regarding the future of the Greek economy.

The electronic crime department of the Greek Police (ELAS) is very keen to identify the author of the mail.

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