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Greece: 4 Belgian F-16 took off for Libya … and Return (Upd)

Update 8 pm: The four Belgian F-16 that took off from Araxos on mission over Libya return back. Defencenet reported that they landed at Araxos air base with their armament (AIM-120 & AIM-9). It looks as if they just patrolled the No Fly Zone over Libya under NATO AWACS guidance.

Earlier we wrote: Four Belgian F-16 took off from the air base of Araxos, Peloponnese, on a mission against Libya. Greek websites reported that the F-16 are armed with air-to-air missiles. It is not clear whether they will  just patrol the No fly Zone over Libya or they will proceed to bombardments as well. They took off occurred place at approximately 5 pm local time.

The Belgian F-16 would land at the air base of Souda Bay, Crete, where they had requested to be deployed.

I tis the first time that foreign aircraft is taking off from Greek air bases for Libya missions. So far, coalition fighter jets have been only landing to refuel at the Souda base.

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