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No radiation in 14 Greeks coming from Japan – GR Food safety measures

Fourteen Greeks, among them a baby, arrived at Athens Eleftherios Venizelos airport Monday morning  from Japan. Conducted tests by Greek scientists showed no evidence of radiation on them. State television NET showed a woman carrying her 3-month old baby on her arms saying that she left as a precaution measure due to her child. She described the situation in Tokyo as dramatic. “There are electricity cuts for 4 hours twice per day and the worst is there is not food at the supermarkets. You can hardly find milk and bread….”

Greece : Radiation/Food Safety

Meanwhile regular checks on possible radition traces are conducted at imported items from Japan. Greece imports mainly sea food items like tuna fish, and sauces. The EU Early Warning System informs about possible radiation on animal feed.

Nikos Katsaros, scientific counselor at Dimokritos – Greek Nuclear Energy Institute – told Athens News Agency that there is no reason for concern about imported food items from Japan due to the above mentioned measures.

However he drew caution about other imported items like cars, computers and other electronic items:

“If they have not been checked at the customs, these items should be washed with a glove and then allwashing tools should be thrown away, said Katsaros.”

… and hope they were no infected by radiation…

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