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Obeidi in Athens-Greek FM: Libya appears to seek a solution

Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas did not elaborate much on the content of Gaddafi’s message through his envoy, but said, it appears that the Libyan regime is seeking a solution. Further he said that Abdelati Al-Obeidi will visit Turkey tomorrow and later Malta. “Greece will continue to offer its good offices to make a serious effort for peace”, said Greek Foreign Minister the meeting of  Prime Minister George Papandreou  Obeidi in Athens. 

According to Reuters, A Greek government official told Reuters that Obeidi had said Libya wanted the fighting to end.

“We stressed again that we must continue  for political, for diplomatic solution in  Libya “, said Droutsas. The envoy  will continue his contacts in Turkey tomorrow and then to Malta.

“We stressed, we reiterated the clear message from the international community: full respect  and full implementation of UN resolutions, an immediate ceasefire in order to end, to  stop the violence and warfare, particularly against the civilian population of Libya. In the words of the Envoy form Libya, it appears that the regime is seeking a solution.

We need to make a serious effort for peace, for stability in the region. Greece will continue in this effort to offer good services, ” Droutsas said.

Greece will inform its allies and partners on the talks with Obeidi as well on Greece’s thoughts and proposals for a solution in Libya.  



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  1. Do I miss something? How Mr. Obeidi was slingshot from Libya to Greece without violating the famous … “no-fly-zone”? Perhaps somebody’s fly was open!!!