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(UPD)Tax-man disappears with €2 million from the Tax Office

UPDATE: Two days later, the taxman was detected in the state psychiatric hospital of Dafni. He had gone there after he was informed that his bank accounts were frozen. Probably couldn’t cope with his own failure to make the big deal and go unnoticed. Now justice is after him for several crimes. The tricky man embezzled half a million euros in the first 3 months of 2011 alone.
This is logical. Money never goes missing by itself. Somebody takes it. Such cases turn the shock into fun when the thief is the taxman in your neighborhood.  A taxman took 2.2 million euros from the tax office and  never came back.  Upon suspicion a money laundering committee from the Finance Ministry had investigated the bank accounts of  the head of the tax return Department  at the  Tax office of Kypseli district of Athens.
Finance Crime Units located  2.2 million euros in the bank accounts that could  not be justified with the  tax man’s yearly income.  
When the Unit of Economic Crime tried to speak to him, they found the bird had flown away.
€ Not odd enough was the fact that exactly 2.2 million euros were missing also from the tax return budget.
I heard in a television channel that the man used to take the money so to say ‘little by little’. Clever?
The police is searching for the man, his bank account has been frozen. Too stupid, after all…

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