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“We Need Books”: Library with 14,000 books in 30 languages in downtown Athens

“We Need Books” is an NGO that functions as a library and, more broadly, a multicultural space in Kypseli, a vibrant and culturally diverse neighbourhood in the centre of Athens. The library features 14,000 books in over 30 languages and at least 6 alphabets, and also includes a children’s library. …

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Athens Grannies singing “Death’s out for quick kill” (video)

Unique moment with Athens grannies with black humor. The two cheerful ladies, in house isolation due to the coronavirus, came in their balcony on Sunday evening for a …morbid performance. They sang the popular Greek song Ο Χάρος βγηκε παγανιά (Death came out for quick kill), while one of them …

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Athens Mayor’s sophisticated benches to prevent use by homeless

No, no, no! Public benches are not for homeless to sleep. Public benches are for proper people with proper homes and proper beds. In Agios Georgios Square, in Kypseli district of Athens, the new public benches have been installed: nicely lacquered and with a metal detail – apparently a designer’s …

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Awarded poet Kiki Dimoula on the …xenophobic bench

Many Greeks were stunned to hear poet Kiki Dimoula sitting on the xenophobic bench. Speaking at an event organized by movement Atenistas, Kiki Dimoula let the public know “I can’t stand migrants in Kypseli. They occupy all benches.” Dimoula reportedly also said “I am afraid to come out of home, because they steal”. …

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(UPD)Tax-man disappears with €2 million from the Tax Office

UPDATE: Two days later, the taxman was detected in the state psychiatric hospital of Dafni. He had gone there after he was informed that his bank accounts were frozen. Probably couldn’t cope with his own failure to make the big deal and go unnoticed. Now justice is after him for …

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