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Student, principal injured by young man in Athens school attack

A 17-year-old student and the 60-year-old principal of a high school in Kypseli district of Athens have been hospitalized with multiple injuries after a young man barged into the school grounds and attacked the student in the head with a hammer.

Armed with two knives and a hammer, the 19-year-old attacker stabbed the principal when he tried to stop the attack on the student.

picture released by Greek Police

The two victims were transferred with ambulances to a hospital where they were treated for injuries in the head, the torso and the abdomen.

Their lives are not in danger, their health condition is stable, media reported citing the hospital management.

The attacker has been arrested and told police that the student victim had a fight with his younger brother and he went to school to get even on his brother’s behalf.

According to state broadcaster ERT, the ministry’s inquiry will not just focus on this specific incident, but will also address complaints of bullying and other violent behavior at the particular school.

Other students in the school told state broadcaster ERT, that fights, bullying and robberies were frequent and a recent incident had involved the 17-year-old victim and the brother of his attacker.

The Education Ministry has reportedly launched an inquiry into the attack.

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