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elderly couple

Elderly couple dies of heatstroke and starvation in downtown Athens

An elderly couple died alone and helpless from heatstroke and starvation in downtown Athens. The tragedy was revealed when neighbors informed the police of a “strong stench” coming form the apartment of the 5th floor of a residential building in Kypseli district of the Greek capital.

Forensic report and police investigation revealed that the 91-year-old man had died of heatstroke and his 90-year-old wife of starvation.

With the help of a locksmith, police officers  entered the apartment, where they discovered the lifeless body of the woman in the hall between the bedroom and living room and of the man in the bathroom.

The key was in the entrance door and there were no signs of break in.

An autopsy revealed a human tragedy: the man had died of heatstroke about 7-8 days ago, when a heatwave was sweeping in the country.

His wife  is estimated to have died of starvation and dehydration days later, 24 hours before the police opened the apartment.

She reportedly suffered from serious health problems and was unable to take care of herself, could not even feed herself on her own.

The air conditioning in the apartment of the elderly couple was not working.

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  1. So,so sad 😢

    • Indeed… sad it is… very sad… Let’s just hope that we don’t live a life like that of this couple or like the one of their neighbours… Let’s take care-of and stay connected-with the people around us, our loved-ones, at least know about their well-being, their safety, their health and be there, when they need us…

  2. michele lavender

    Why were the other people living on the five floors not keeping a regular check on those needy old people,shame on them,only the stench reminded them that they were there.Out of sight,out of mind.

  3. Yes, so much for that “turn off the air conditioning or turn down the heat to punish Putin” BS spouted by the incompetent fools in Brussels.

  4. What a shame but… this is how the future looks now… Parents take care of their children till they can start to live on their own and then . . . they leave . . . not all of them but most. In countries with no social program for the elderly and no networking as such in the society as such. On top, with the technology and gadgets around us, everyone seems to be living his/her how life. At times, we don’t even notice people around or close to us. We are becoming so dettached, self-centered and ignorant that the human-touch is getting far away. But . . . can we stop it?