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Poll: 25% of Athens school children going hungry

Thousands of Greek school children face one of the toughest aspects of the economic crisis: starvation and hunger. Last week, teachers complained for one more time about pupils who faint in the class room due to starvation. The issue of children going hungry was raised for one more time during …

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145,000 Greek school children in need of free meals

The economic collapse continues to threaten Greek households, with many families not being able to feed their children. Malnutrition reportedly affects more and more children, the number could be more than 100,000. According to daily Eleftheros Typos, 975 schools across the country have applied to be included into the program …

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Cases of Greek starving children increase

We read about them here and there. A child in Central Greece or a child in Peloponnese. Children that go to school and faint of starvation. Latest example, the case of a second-grade student who fainted on his way to school in Patras. When the teachers asked the boy, if he …

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Leros: 33-days-old baby with starvation symptoms

A newborn baby was taken from the island of Leros to University Hospital of Heraklion in Crete in an emergency airborne transfer on Saturday. According to local media, doctors diagnosed hypothermia, breathing problems and symptoms of starvation, while the organs have been collapsing. The baby was born on December 15th 2012 …

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Crete: School Boy, 13, Faints After Two Days Without a Meal

A boy, aged 13, fainted during the class in a school of Heraklion, Crete, due to malnutrition. When the teachers called in the mother of the boy, she said that the whole family had not eaten for two days due to economic problems. “It’s natural for the child to faint without food”. …

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Shocking Athens: School Children Faint Due to Hunger

That’s shocking!  Primary school children would faint due to hunger in downtown Athens in the year 2011! Primary school teachers union from the districts of Ampelokipi-Erythros-Polygonon close to the centre of athens  issued a horrifying statement about the economic situation of the pupils. There are cases of children fainting during the classes …

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