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Leros: 33-days-old baby with starvation symptoms

A newborn baby was taken from the island of Leros to University Hospital of Heraklion in Crete in an emergency airborne transfer on Saturday. According to local media, doctors diagnosed hypothermia, breathing problems and symptoms of starvation, while the organs have been collapsing.

The baby was born on December 15th 2012 and weighed 3.5 kilos. 33 days later the baby had a weight less than 3 kilos.

The health condition of the baby, a boy, is been considered as “very critical”.

According to Proto Thema, the mother, 24, was staying in a hotel of the island and was in relationship with a man doing his military service on Leros. It is not clear whether the soldier is the father of the baby.

Nevertheless, the pediatrist on Leros informed the police and judicial authorities as required by the law in cases of child negligence.

While no information has been reported on the social situation of the mother or the reasons for the health condition of the baby, I truly do not want to assume that the whole incident is been linked to lack of money and social security.



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