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“Indignant” Greeks Protest for 8th Day (pcts)

Greeks keep flocking in front of the Parliament for the 8th consequent day. With whistles, empty pots, flags and banners, chanting “Thieves” and ‘Traitors”, and raising form time to time their open palms and strechted fingers, in a gesture insulting the recepient.

Children on the shoulders of their fathers armed whistle demanding their daily milk. I even heard a 3-year old chanting “Etes! Etes!” – the baby version of Kleftes (Thieves)

Other protesters take a minute to register their names against the Memorandum of Understanding between Greece and its lenders

Angry citizens illustrate their opinion about the sell-0ff of the country. They stick ‘FOR SALE’ banners and write Information the names of political leaders with descriptions like “Liar”, “Thief” and other noble expressions.

Middle-aged and middle-class protesters try to figure out what the mass movement will bring. They need to see quick progress but they refrain from active participation in the ‘public assemblies’. I heard a woman telling to her friend “You needed one year to go on the streets and now you want result within a week?  

At Syntagma Square itself, mostly young protesters join actively the ‘public assemblies’. So far, not concrete proposals for the next level of the movement have been made. A declaration came out demanding the “trial of the traitors” and declaring that “Greece belongs to indignant Greeks”.

Young or middle-aged or old have more than one thing common. Apart from the austerity measures that empty everybody’s pockets, they all feel hurt in their dignity as a nation!

                                             ” I am Indignant! Shoo!!!”

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