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“Indignant” Greeks ready the big protest rally – June 5

“Indignant” Greeks are getting ready to inundate the Syntagma Square tomorrow Sunday, June 5th. A feverish mobilization is to be seen on their Facebook page   currently counting 122,959 “Likes”. Interner users are asked to send out at least 100+ invitations. Groups have poured into the streets to inform the people about …

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Greece: Winds of Change?

The wave of Indignants appears to be spreading increasingly and the virus of  “Speak Up”-disease infects more and more people and social classes. The voices of those seeking changes in the deadlocked political system are getting louder. No, no, there not demands about ‘anarchistic revolts, “overturning the order” and other scary political concepts, …

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“Indignant” Greeks Protest for 8th Day (pcts)

Greeks keep flocking in front of the Parliament for the 8th consequent day. With whistles, empty pots, flags and banners, chanting “Thieves” and ‘Traitors”, and raising form time to time their open palms and strechted fingers, in a gesture insulting the recepient. Children on the shoulders of their fathers armed whistle …

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“Indignant” Greeks Force Lawmakers to Flee in the Dark

Greek lawmakers, ministers, journalists and personnel found themselves in the grip of angry protesters while they were leaving the Parliament building Tuesday night in Athens. Police and fire brigades built barricade with vehicles to allow the politicians to leave the area without harm. It was shortly after 10 p.m. when protesters gathered …

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