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Troika-Machos Leave behind Female Co-Worker, just Meters Away from Austerity Protesters (video)

Representatives from IMF, the EU and the ECB had to experience with their own eyes and nerves the agony of the Greek lawmakers who were enclosed by protesters on Tuesday. The exits of Ministry of Finance were blocked by jobless and the Troika men and women could not get out. Shorty after the protesters withdrew, plain clothes policemen escorted Greece’s lenders to their cars, but the group was a bit big, their cars parked here and there, strong sunlight confused the spirits and blended the eyes with the effect that one Troika-woman was left behind. No matter if she asked “Where are we going?” ( the same question Million of Greeks ask themselves each and every day).  Poul Thomsen’s finger pointed to the sky. The woman, probably still wandering around in Athens downtown …  

Earlier on Wednesday dozens of jobless had gathered around the Finance Ministry in Athens downtown, near Syntagma Square, making impossible for the Troika representatives to leave the building. The jobless, men and women who had successful passed the entrance exams for a workplace at the public administration, apparently had an appointment with the Minister George Papaconstantinou. However this appointment was cancelled due to the Troika arrival – most likely to add some final touch and fine brushing to new loan agreement between Greece and its lenders.

Αστυνομικές δυνάμεις βρίσκονται στην περιοχή

The crowd got angry and decided to block the ministry entrances and not go away. Riot policemen took place to hinder possible violence.

Someone went even so far and tried to open a tent at the entrance. The man was detained by police and taken away.

However the rest of the protesters remained there hindering the entrance or exit from the Ministry, included the Troika.

545 people passed the so-called ASEP exams in 2008 in order to be hired at the Finance Ministry. “They cheat us and we won’t allow it,” said their representative to news portal NewsIt. 

I am sure the Troika technocrats felt damn Greek today

See the nice footage from the Troika macho-men driving away with their cars leaving the Troika woman behind…. HERE – This deserves a long BOOOOOOOO!

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  1. I understand that Greeks are upset but it’s childish to protest against the IMF, as the IMF does not enter a country uninvited.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      this argument sounds really kourades

      • Still he has a point: when a country wants money they call on the IMF for a loan and they send in their auditors. They prepare a package of money and measures. Then the negotiations begin with the government. And there is no law in the world that can force a government to agree with the measures.
        The Greek government could have said NO to the measures last year and not take the 110 million ‘loan’. And it can say NO again for the new deal.

        Yes, yes, I know… pressure behind the scenes and all that… but these are the facts. When the government has the balls it just says NO and slashes it’s spending to meet its income. No money needed. No Troika needed.

        In the mean time there is this ‘good-cop-bad-cop’ thing going on. Every government tries to be the ‘good cop’ and the IMF always plays the bad one. And every time the ‘masses’ fall for this. They should channel all there anger against their own governments, because THERE lie the decisions.

  2. keep talking, can you elaborate? I did not understand your answer.

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    so many trees and still no forest around, right? it’s not the people who asked the EU/IMF help, plus, 50% of Greeks did not even vote for the governing party… Let’s talk about who’s insulting whom

  4. keeptalkinggreece

    I have the suspicion that this blog harms its readers, after all!They write pages-long comments without begin or end, swear at lazy Greeks -and end up praising their own sex appeal….
    My mom had always warned from expired medication *sigh*

  5. Hello, I have to agree with Ann and Foo. It does seem a bit embarassing to invite the IMF, take their money, and then protest against them. This is not the Greek Hospitality I’ve grown to love over the years.

    Where’s the Filotimo towards the IMF people? It’s not their fault, they are just doing their jobs.

  6. Hello

    I was one of the protestors.I want to assure that I DID NOT CALL THE IMF.The greek government did against all they said before and after the elections.So greeks are not to be blamed for being arrogants.If we do that then we have to blame people for everything their governments do.Also I want to assure that I did not protest against the imf but I protested against the measures that greek government took.It is common kwowledge among the economists that imf do not point specific measures but this is the job of the local government.In this case the local government decided to cut the public expenses and lower the taxes for the enterprises.
    For the specific matter I want to say that in greece there is a strict rule if somebody wants to be a civil servant.You have to take part into examinations that are organized by an independent organisation.For reasons of meritocracy that was a goal in the near past (there were thousands of cases where the governments hired people without any control) this procedure is fully described in our constitution.So the government by refusing to hire people who has suceeded to this procedure actually is violating our principal laws and this is unacceptable.

    Thank you