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Loukanikos: Famous Athens Riot Dog gets “Indignant” (pcts)

You have to imagine the scene then its was such a turmoil that I could hardly shoot a good and clear picture (I have details like a bag, a shoe and a leg, a bus, all blur and hectic). It’s Tuesday, May 31, and crowds of people are gathering outside the Athens University to listen to Mikis Theodorakis and academics speaking about the Loan Agreements with IMF & Co. The time for the event-start approaches and the police has not closed the traffic between the University and Korai Square. There is the hell going on. Men, women, old, young, with flat shoes and high heels. Legs that try to reach the stage of speakers need to cross the Panepistimiou street. They have to slalom between private vehicles, taxis, public and tourist buses, bicyclists. And suddenly there is he is! His Majesty, Loukanikos, the most famous riot dog worldwide.

He walks in a hurry, head up, ears and nose on alert. Nervously he walks among people and vehicles.

And suddenly the miracle happens! He tries to control the traffic!!! – Excuse me, for laughing while writing this -. He barks at every car insisting to drive among the crowds. Loukanikos seems to have a dire aversion to yellow cubs.

A double bark here, four quick steps there, another double bark, a slight turn around! People can not but stop and look stunned at him.

I could even  say that people get encouraged by Loukanikos halting the cars and dare cross the street. Within a couple of minutes, there is hardly a vehicle on Panepistimiou, the police had closed it to traffic – probably after hearing the dog’s barking – . Loukanikos, tail high with pride, moves towards Syntagma Sq to join the protesting crowds in front of the Palriament. Duty fulfilled!

Later, when protesters chant slogans against the lawmakers leaving the Parliament, Loukanikos is seen on a footage barking at the MP’s cars. You can watch the video HERE 

PS. Oh, these technical problems – I can’t upload videos at the moment 🙁

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