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Greece Asks Pensioners …Back to Work

The best medicine against economic depression seems to be the never ending … Greek bureaucracy. Then it can cause a crisis relieving laughter. A woman pensioner has been  asked to return to work as the public administration found out she was not eligible for early retirement. Greek daily TA NEA reveals the case of a woman employee at the Electricity Company DEH. She retired on March 1, 2011 with a reduced pension. She was 59 years,  8 months and 20 days old.

Her pensionable years were 25 and 3 months. She bought some years of pension, so -called ‘fictitious years’ for raising children, according to the law. Now she received a letter calling her to return to her work place and even return her one-off payment for retirement, because she cannot leave with a reduced pension until she become 61 years old!

According to Greek pensions law  the woman could not recognize the ‘fictitious pension years’ in order to get early retirement. From what I understand there seems to have been a problem because of the multiple pension and early pension provisions as they arose after the Troika imposed reforms. And the fact that some of these provisions are hanging around in some institutions, hindering them from becoming a law, or drafts, or whatever…

Always look on the bright side of life….

Nevertheless, daily TA NEA reports that there are more cases like that.  I personally know two cases of women who have worked in the private sector and who were told by IKA that they could recognize ‘fictitious years’ for early retirement. Both women are around 55 and jobless.

I’d really love to see early retirees working for the public administration or state-run enterprises return to work. That’s a guarantee for the absolute upgrading of public services…

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