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What in Hillary Clinton Doing in Greece?

Blocking traffic on the main streets? Swimming at Glyfada’s VIP resort? Keeping busy policemen and journalists over a hot weekend? Talking about economy? Crying together with the Greeks about the miserable debt situation of the two countries? She does all these and much more. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived last night in Athens and started her official contacts with her Greek counterpart Stavros Lamprinidis. Later on Sunday and amid temperatures reaching 40° Celsius,  she will have separate meetings with prime minister George Papandreou,  the President of the Hellenic republic Kakorolos Papoulias, the Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos. and the leader of the main opposition party, Antonis Samaras.


According to Greek media, the debt crisis and the situation of the Euro zone will top the agenda of Clinton’s talks with her Greek interlocutors. State NET TV reported that Hillary Clinton will convey a message of encouragement and support for the Greek strict austerity programme.

At the same time she will talk about all the issues of Foreign policy like the Cyprus issue, Greek-Turkish relations, the name issue with FYROM, but also Kossovo, Albania, North Africa, Middle East and Libya.

Clinton arrived to Athens after a short visit to Turkey, where she vowed to finally find a solution on the Cyprus issue. “We don’t think the status quo on Cyprus benefits anyone” she told in a joint press conference with her Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu, and added that “the United States wants to see a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation and would like to see it as soon as possible”. (read more in )

The meeting with the Greeks will be short but comprehensive promoting the American interests in the region. So far there I didn’t read anything in the Greek press about possible energy deals – it can be that such a deal is premature, before Greek-Turkish-Cypriot relations are  settled. However we should not exclude a hint here and there, and yet behind closed doors.

She will sign an agreement with FM Lambrinidis on Antiquities trafficking.

Promoting Tourism

After her meetings are concluded, Hillary Clinton will visit the New Acropolis Museum. Nice footage of Ms Clinton standing stunned in front of the amazing Greek heritage will be broadcasted all over the world.  She will even walk a couple of meters at the noble Aeropagitou Street during the hottest time of the day, at 4 p.m. After the violent riots of May and June, US Secretary of State will show to potential holidaymakers that it is safe to walk around in Athens, even on a hot summer day. Of course, Ms. Clinton will have the police on her side and not against her.

 Surviving a Sunstroke

Should she survive a potential  sunstroke, Hillary Clinton will meet Antonis Samars, the leader of main opposition party Nea Dimokratia, on Monday. Why? You can never know in such a fluid economic and political situation…

Hillary Clinton was due to visitAthens last January. However the visit was cancelled back then…

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