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Turkish PM: Relations with EU will Freeze during Greek Cypriots Presidency

He is a real gentleman and a diplomat.  Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He can be charming unless people and nations do not obey his rules. The Islamist Prime Minister of Turkey shows how much he respects the rules of the others. Like the European Union, a club that Ankara desperately wants to join as a full member. Speaking to journalists from the occupied North Cyprus, Erdogan revealed his plan: To freeze Turkish-EU relations during the Cypriots EU Presidency!

According to semi-official Anadolu News Agency of Turkey,Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey-EU relations froze during the EU presidency term of Greek Cypriot administration.

“Greek Cypriot administration will take over the rotating EU term presidency. During its presidency, we never meet them. Relations with the EU freeze. There will not be any relation between Turkey and the EU for six months. We only watch the process from Turkey. It is out of question for us to meet Greek Cypriots.

We don’t meet a country which we don’t recognize. We even consider it degrading to sit at the same table with Greek Cypriot administration in the United Nations. We will see whether this issue (Cyprus issue) will be concluded in 2012 or not. If they don’t conclude this issue in 2012, we will be on our own way.

They already know it. We don’t consider the EU as an interlocutor in Cyprus issue. The EU is trying to draw this issue to its own basis. But, we say that Cyprus issue will completely be solved on UN basis. It seriously disturbs the EU,” said Erdogan.

Speaking about the Cyprus issue in general, Erodgan noted  that the fourth tripartite summit would be held in New York in October. He also expressed hope that the summit in New York would open the road of a solution regarding closed Maras issue, and claimed that North Cyprus had always been constructive, while Greek Cypriots had been trying to block the issue.

Erdogan said that if the embargoes imposed against the occupied North of Cyprus  were lifted, the ports would be opened to Greek Cypriot traffic, adding that however, the timing must be synchronous.

Turkey prosed it during the EU presidency of Finland, but EU countries did not accept it, recalled Erdogan.

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