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Di Caprio and Lively Enjoy Summer in Zakynthos? (video)

That’s a news items from the category ‘lighter note to economic misery’. Hollywood start Leonardo di Caprio enjoys holidays in the beautiful island of Zakynthos. According to unconfirmed information of Greek media, Leonardo di Caprio takes pleasure in the aquamarine waters of Zante together with his new girl friend Blake Lively. The two beautiful people swim in Greek sea,  drink Greek wine and eat Greek choriatiki in the Greek beach of Laganas.  There is no information whether the choriatiki contains onions or not.

di Caprio – Lively

In previous years, Di Caprio had spent his summer holidays on the island of Spetses in the south Saronic Gulf. What more obvious than new girl-friend, new island?

Greek private STAR TV tried to investigate and confirm the rumors, however it found only male residents of Zakynthos claiming their are more male and more sexy than di Caprio and Lively should chose one of them.

Don’t ask me! I have no idea whether these pictures on the video show the Holywood couple on a Greek island… If someone of KTG’s Zante followers swom or had dinner next to Leonardo, please, confirm the news.

As the heat strikes again, I wish I’d be at a beach, at any beach with or without Leonardo…

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  1. Leo is in Australia filming the Great Gatsby not in Greece. This story is BS. The girl in the picture with Leo is Bar Refaeli when they were going out in the past. Do more research next time on your stories.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      pahpahpah, I didn’t claim the story was true. Let the poor Greeks promote their country a bit. I thought too this (_/_) looks more familiar to Rafaeli. But you’re right , I should have put a ? at the end for those who can’t read properly the words. Apart from the fact that he may have visited Greece igognito…

      • Thank you for the info. I had no idea! Now I know about Bar Refaeli her (_/_) I will make a point at avoiding a look when I see her… 😀

  2. In defense of Keeptalkinggreece, who really knows where the actors are, because with their fast aircraft, and fat wallets, they can easily be in Greece for a few days on a break living the life of GATSBY and then back to Australia for the filming.

    Jet setter means just that. New York for breakfast, Paris for Lunch and who knows for dinner.

    But, all those stars who come to Greece are good for Greece. I don’t think most of the stars want all that publicity either, so anyone who complains about not wanting to see Leo, probably needs to realize that Leo probably doesn’t want to see you either. He’d rather enjoy his sunbathing and taverna in Ag. Anarg. in Spetses…. or with Tom Hanks on Anti-Paros (you never know…..)

    Now, Paris Hilton when she came to Greece, it was funny seeing the Greek girls snub her, but hey they snub all of us at one time or another.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      thanks you, Carl. After all who really cares where is di Caprio, di Acrio and di Barcio except his current girl-friend?