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Dramatic Young Dolphin Rescue By Greek Volunteers (picts, video)

Swimmers at a Gytheion beach were more than alarmed to see a dolphin swimming in the area, living behind a trace of blood. Men, women and even chilrden rushed to capture the small dolhin and bring it to rescue. A wonderful and touching story showing also that there is indeed a children’s education and sensitivity on animal issues in Greece, despite some ugly incidents of animal abuse.

Wednesday, August 24th, the young dolphin was located near the rocks at the north point of the Gytheion port by three children. Its body had scars. It was losing blood. The poor creature seemed to have lost its orientation then every time it was trying to swim away from the rocks it would immediately return to the rocks. The children dived into the sea and started calling for help.

Swimmers rushed to the area where the children kept the dolphin under the water. They tried to get professional help. During they rescue operation they even held a sun umbrella in the water to protect the dolphin  from sun beams and dehydration.

As there was no coastal guard around, neither police, the holiday-makers called the local  Greek Wild Life Rehabilitation Centre (EKPAZ).

Immediately a group of EKPAZ volunteers left the Centre and rushed to help the dolphin.  

VIDEO: Dolphin Rescue

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Petros Kapernarakos, chairman of EKPAZ, describes in his Facebook page the dramatic rescue:

The phone call came in at 1.05 p.m., the callers spoke of an injured dolphin lossing blood. A group of volunteers left the centre immediately and reached the area after 15 minutes. Young swimmers kept the dolphin under the water, while they were waiting for us.

The dolphin seemed to have lost its orientation. We start supplying it with first aid, we wanted to bring it to a beach where we could thoroughly help it.

 It took us one and a half hours, to swim with the dolphin 800 meters and reach the beach. We took care of it under the instructions of EKPAZ experts on the issue.

After five hours, when the dolphin had regained strength, swimmers and a speed boat accompany the animal to the open sea. We let it go. The dolphin swom away in the open sea of the Laconia Gulf…


Cured and free! What a lovely story! What a awesome rescue! What a chance for hope! Without human aid the dolphin would most likely have swom towards a certain death.

Kudos to the Greek EKPAZ volunteers and the young swimmers!

 Watch the rescue video here and some more pictures here

Watching the Dolphin Rescue from the nearby beach


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