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Athens Clashes Claim One Dead- Live Blogging in Engl/PART II-News, Pcts, Vds

I have to open a new post because the PART I “Athens Protests, Unrests & Clashes – Live Blogging” became too long and was refreshing too slowly due to the loads of visual material.

Treating an injured protester


Greek Communist Party and its union PAME left the protest. They were supposed to stay until the bill voting, but they had also planned to leave at 5 o clock …

A hood wearing group beats a PAME member

Earlier PAME members clashed with ‘hoodies’ who were trying to riot.

Carrying away an injured

At least 40 people were taken to the hospitals. The majority of them got injured from the hurled stones and molotov cocktails.

Spraying a protester

 Doctors at Syntagma Sq said also they’ve treated slightly injured protesters, some of them with respiratory problems due to tear gas.

The situation of the protester who fell from a balcony under unclear circumstances is considered ‘critical’. 

Police has announced 4 arrests from the Monastiraki ‘hoods’ wearing group and 5 detentions.

Crowds of protesters are again in front of the Parliament.


Skai TV claims that the 53-year-old constructor worker passed away. The man was injured during the clashes earlier, he was wounded by a hurled stone. He was taken to the hospital and his sutiation seemed to be under control. However, Skai’s correspondent at the Evaggelismos hospital claims that he died of a heart attack. There is no official confirmation until now.


The death of the Construction Worker has been confirmed by the hospital. Wait for announcment about the cause of his death.

There still protesters outside the  Parliament, however the big masses have withdrawn due to the clashes between protesters and ‘hoodies’.

There are still clashes between riot police and ‘hoodies’ – Tear gas.


Government sources told Skai TV reporter that there will be soon a statement claiming the dead construction worker died due to natural causes. “That during the protest he fell uncomfortable, he was given a glass of water and then was taken to hospital”.

We are wait with great anticipation the doctors’ official statement


At political level the debate on the multi-bill continues in the Parliament. Former PASOK minister Louka Katseli will hold a speech at about 18:00. Then we will know whether she will vote for or against.

Four PASOK deputies urged for ‘political developments’ on upcoming Monday. Scenarios speak of either early elections or a government of ‘national consent’ – even without PM George Papandreou. My own analytical mind tells me that maybe four PASOK deputies sold their ‘YES vote’ against … political developments…

German media (DIE WELT) claimed that there might be a postponement of the EU summit of October 23rd, 2011.


Official statement form Evaggelismos Hospital: The man was transferred to the hospital without pulse. He beared no marks of violence. All efforts to revive him remained fruitless.

When the doctor read the statement some shouted, “how about the tear gads and the chemicals”.

Most likely an autopsy will give more answers.

The man was Alternate General Secretary of the Construction Workers Union at Vyronas suburb of Athens.

I think Athen is still in a shock to evaluate the tragedy cold-blooded. A PAME member told private radio “real fm” that it was a ‘political assassination”.


Former PASOK Development Minister Luka Katseli told MPs at the Greek parliament that she will not vote for the article 37 (private agreements over national collective bargain). She stressed that the Troika will keep asking additional measures and that article 37 will destroy employees’ rights. Katseli voted YES during the voting ‘in principle’ on Wednesday.


Clashes between riot police and rioters continue in areas near Syntagma Sq.

The vandals set garbage bins on fire, damage what ever they come across and th epolice chases them firing tear gas.

Video: around  7 pm at Syntgama Sq.

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Only few protesters are still outside the Parliament inhaling the tear gas and the fumes of burning garbage.

 ΩΡΑ 19:02 Τραυματίες στον άγνωστο στρατιώτη

Seven o clock at Syntagma Square. More pictures here

Off protests scene:

A woman told ALTER TV ” The state started the cuts from the feet, not from the head. Instead of lowering th eprices, it lowered our income and now we have no money to buy food”.


The man who lost his life during the protest was a jobless contruction worker. He name was Dimitris Kotzaridis, 53. He was member of the PAME union of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) that had clashed earlier with hoodies.

His wife and relatives accuse the state and the police for his death.

The chief prosecutor of Athens ordered and investigation for the causes of death. A prosecutor has gone to the hospital and also asked to all video footage of the time that man felt uncontortable. According to unconfirmed reports tha man was running to escape stones and tear gas.


As expected there is a huge discussion in the Greek media as to why the police did not intervene to stop the clashes between the thugs and the PAME, communist party union. In prime time news journalists and commentatos ask the police to finally get rid of the vandals with the ‘hoods’.

Some left parties even expressed the suspicion that there might be agents provocateurs under the hoods. In fact, a suspicion that has been expressed many times since the protests last May.

It has not be cleared yet why the 53-year-old Dimitris Kotzaridis, the construction worker unionist from PAME,  lost his life.  PAME members claim, he had inhaled large portion of “chemicals”, i.e. tear gas.


Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos announced he will make some changes in the article 37 of the multi-bill after former Minister Katseli said she will not vote.

I guess, he will make the changes after the voting, because this will start soon…

Earlier this evening, Venizelos lost control when left wing party chairman Alexis Tsipras said the democracy functions with an “omerta” [silence oath of mafia members] and that PASOK MP vote against their conscience.

An angry Venizelos stood up and started shouting “Take it back! Take it Back”

Video: Tsipras Venizelos


The voting started. Katseli voted NO and now she is waiting to be expelled from PASOK.

Should she remain as “indepent deputy” governing PASOK will have an even thinner majority. 153 seats in a Palriament of 300.

 21:08 Louka Katseli expelled from PASOK…


Voting concluded – 154 YES, 144 NO, 1 DEAD

PASOK’s majority down to 153 seats out of 300. 10-15 PASOK MPs said it is the last time they voted for Troika bills unless there will be ‘political initiatives’ as soon as possible. Earlier today, 5 PASOK deputies openly said, they want changes; two of them spoke of government of ‘national consent’. Some scenarios speak of early elections.

 Last year PM George Papandreou said that he won’t govern with only 153 deputies.

Time for a political change in Greece? I would dare say, the Troika would be against it 🙂


It looks as if Dimitris Kotziadis was already dead before hte ambulance took him to the hospital. There is a video on internet showing him lifeless on the park bench, but I hesitate to upload it…

A protester lost his life. Inside and outside the parliament a battle field. One more chapter of the Greek drama. Tragic!

Live-Blogging concludes for today. Thank you for reading “Keep Talking, Greece”, the blog reporting from Greece in English.

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  1. Zougla Radio communicated with the hospital and confirmed that indeed one man died.
    His name was Kotsaridis.

  2. I heard he had a respiratory problem and that may have aggravated the situation. So, why would he go downtown and protest if he had a problem. I have diabetes, high blood pressure, and other ailments, and I’d never leave my house to go down there because it’s just too dangerous. Better to leave it to the police to protect us against these criminals who attack protestors.

    • you are assumming the polive are there to protect the people, that tells me you have no experience of the Greek police. While the fight was happening the police stood and watched probably thinking the desired result would be achieved, scaring people and clearing the area, without them breaking a sweat. And just because someone has respiratory problems doesnt mean he cant demonstrate for his convictions. i dont agree with his political leanings but that is no reason for him to lie down and take everything that happens.

  3. Mission accomplished for the hoodies/gov’t, one innocent dead and all protesters cleared out of the square before the vote once again!

  4. PAME should bite their tongue before shouting about an assassination. Especially now the hospital states that there are no external marks and an autopsy is needed. People who talk like this only want to have more ‘martyrs’ for their own benefit or cause…
    It is awful that this man died. But we all feared this and prayed that no one would be hurt or die. And it is a miracle it only happened on the second day and not sooner. Now it happened again. And our thoughts and that of PAME should go out to his family. This is another sad, sad day…

    • keeptalkinggreece

      It’s the fourth dead, Antonis. Remember the 3 MARFIN dead in May 2010?

      • Of course! That’s why I said “Now it happened again”. Those 3 were not participating in any demonstration and that’s why they were murdered and people walked by laughing and cursing while the colleagues of those who died stood with black faces and crying for help on the balcony of that burning bank building. That are photos I will never ever forget.

        • keeptalkinggreece

          nobody can forget these photos …. sorry for not having read “again”.

          • No “sorry” needed. These are stressful crazy times. If the worst that happens will be that we misread, I will be happy as hell. 😉

  5. Except that the police NEVER protect the protesters from the hoodies. In fact the police tend to charge and teargas the innocent protesters, while leaving the hoodies to go about their mayhem unhindered.

    Gee, I wonder why the police protect the hoodies, even taking them behind police lines and taking orders from them occasionally (as shown in videos in the mainstream Greek media and on this site)???

  6. louka was on the list already because she created peace in Keratea.

  7. again, thanks so much for your reports, really. i still can’t digest what happened today. i’ve been going to protests/demos in Athens for many many years but today was so depressing, scary and seemed so futile. we lost a life but the government thinks it won ??? something???? looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow morning…