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UPD: Papandreou-Samaras Agreed on Unity Government!

Scroll Down for the Latest Updates -Original Title of the post ” Greece’s new government – They play with our nerves “… But in fact Greek politicians play with their own nerves, the nerves of the media and the nerves of the Europeans. The nerves of the market investors, share holders and hedge funds will show their endurance tomorrow morning. We Greeks, the ‘infantry’ of the whole issue, enjoyed a sunny Sunday with very mild temperatures for the season…

From early in the morning, journalists, politicians, current and former, technocrats, academics, and everyone who claims he has something to say, are running and information marathon trying to inform the public about the ‘cooking’ taking place in the darkest corners of ruling party PASOK and main opposition, conservative Nea Dimokratia preparing the new ‘national unity government’ which most likely will be a simple coalition government.

Time is pressing and at 6:20 pm, no ‘white smoke’ has come so far from the chimney of the Greek Prime Minister conclave.

The current stand of the talks :

1) Cabinet meeting is taking place under PM Papandreou.

2) PM’s office issued a statement that “he asked the President of the Republic to invite him and Samaras to immediately  investigate the possibility of cooperation,” after the Cabinet meeting.

3) Presidency Office issued a statement: “No appointment set yet for a meeting between Paopulias-Papandreou-Samaras yet, Papandreou -Samaras must have an agreement first”, so that there will be already a framework set and not that they just go there and start the discussion without having agreed first.

Samaras’s first priority is that “Papandreou has to resign”. A move that the PM hesitates to do out of fear the country will be without a government. 

4) At 6:35 pm the Cabinet meeting concluded. Papandreou allegedly told ministers that ‘Today I pass the torch to a new broader government’. But he didn’t say he resigns

Markets – EU/IFM

Time is pressing out of the fear of how the stock markets will react tomorrow, Monday, should no new government has been established in Greece.

EU leaders sit on heated charcoal and Sunday evening they urged Greece to establish a unity government … yesterday!. IMF-Chief Christine Lagarde told French Le Monde that there must be mor e political clearness in order to release the 6th aid. 

European Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner Olli Rehn demanded a Greek unity government to restore confidence, which has been shaken by doubts that Athens would commit itself to the 130 billion euro bailout package. Rehn wanted progress by the time euro zonefinance ministers including Greek Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos meet on Monday night. (Reuters)

The ‘labour’ of the new government is very painful indeed…..


1) Papandreou – Samaras will meet with President Papoulias at 8.30 pm local time – i.e. in 45 min from now

8:30 pm  Papandreou Samaras meeting started in a ‘frozen’ atmosphere – The two leaders apparently didn’t even exhange a word…

9:55 pm Papandreou-Samaras-Papoulias … stilll talking

10:14 pm “multiplied  sources claim that initially Papandreou-Samaras seem to agree” news with caution

10:22 pm  : Statement from the President Office

– Papandreou-Samaras agreed on a unity government – 

– Papandreou  has declared he will not lead the new gov’t –

– Papandreou and Samaras to meet on Monday to decide who will lead the new government –

– Elections after the implementation of the Oct 26th loan Agreement –

 – The President will hold a meeting with all political leaders on Monday  

Read KTG’s latest Post on the new government:  New Greek “Salvation Government” Without Papandreou

Papandreou went to the meeting with a 7-points road-map, a precondition for a coalition government. Click Here

Public Survey : 81.1% Greeks say YES to €URO, 41.7% want Elections and 45% favor ‘national salvation government’ (i.e. multipartisan gov. Read HERE 

 Not “Cheeeese” but Freeeeze! Papandreou & Samaras earlier

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  1. It is like drinking too much wine in an attempt to forget your problems – great while it lasts but then you wake in the morning with a bad head and the same old problems.

  2. If we knew if a live blogging was needed … then we would not need a live blogging maybe – announcements would have emerged. As a lot of this is behind closed doors now it would be hard to follow a running commentary – but important updates would be good – somehow I think it would be hard for a full agreement to be reached tonight as it looks like there is a minimum of convergence between ND and PASOK still, but who knows , maybe an agreement is already smoothed out and the rest is a matter of going through the respective public motions . I think ND might push their side to the point of Papandreou being virtually forced to resign under EU pressure and cede to ND’s proposals , or Papandreou might look to set the tone by placing the 180 seat vote as proof of national unity, or not, on this topic.

  3. i think that they should start drinking, maybe then they will get an idea even if it is a stupid one, because now they have no ideas no plans no imagination. also if they drink they will get friendly and agree, at least i get friendy and agreeable after i have a few drinks, everyone becomes my friends :). or they should simply agree to allow merkel to become primeminister i mean they might as well take the middleman out. KTG even if they agree do you think the greek public will view the political system with any less contempt than they already do? will they regain any credibility?

  4. That stuff on the table they are drinking looks like some special eastern german pee. One should interview the german government about where they leave their pee…