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Greece’s New Gov’t: Hey, Captains? They said WOT?

When I woke up this morning I was feeling fine. Fine? On the fifth day of fierce negotiations, scenarios, rumors and turnarounds, nothing had changed in Greece. George Papandreou isstill the prime minister – at least typically. Now a new PM name makes the round: Vassilis Skouris, President of the Court of Justice of the European Communities. A political ‘jam’ had occurred on Tuesday on several levels. Lucas Papademos seems to be out of the race for two reasons: 1) because he insisted the elections will take place much later than February 2012. 2) He wanted elected MP for Conservative Nea Dimokratia to participate in the new government. Rumors claim that there was also a disagreement about the Finance Ministry team, because Papademos allegedly wanted to put his own people and he wanted to change Venizelos.

The result? Fail. Conservative leader Antonis Samaras rejects not only the participation of ND MP’s in the new gov’t , he also refuses to sign the ‘assurances paper’ as demanded by the EU. Samaras spoke of “national dignity”.

EU Commissioner Olli Rehn threatened yesterday to eternally blog the sixth aid trance, unless signatures will be added at the bottom of the paper. Blog the 8 billion euro? Greece will be unable to pay pensions and salaries. Social unrest will break out. The day will turn into night, Portugal will move closer to Greece geographically and Italy will dissolve. The Euro Zone Apocalypse will be here to stay. Or not…

Government spokesman said the new government will be announced today. They’d better hurry up, because today I have ‘issues’ to fix and can’t spend the whole day in front of PC screen…

On the other hand, who thinks it’s easy to form a government that will most likely lead the country’s citizens into a slavery of several decades?

According to Skai TV, Skouris denied that he was approached for new PM.  (Read here about Vassilios Skouris‘s CV.). Last night some rumours claimed the current parliament spokesman Petsalnikos and the forrmer A. Kaklamanis were also PM candidates. They are both form PASOK.

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One comment

  1. Crisis? What crisis. BBC has a photo of a laughing Pap at an outside table at the National Gardens. Glad he still enjoys live. Another photo showed Sam. Looking, like always, if something has been pushed up into where the sun never shines. Glad he still is moody as hell and that he still does not have a clue that his personal dignity has nothing to do with Greece. But he seems to see himself, like his pal Pap as the embodyment of the Greek Nation.
    Well, I am glad that they are not. Greeks are on average nothing like these two. Would it be an idea to dna-test them and have a good look if they are Greek at all… 😀
    If we would have had a working state, I would have been happy not to get a new government at all. Belgium is doing fine without one now for more than 1,5 year!