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Greek Armed Forces: Free Lunch & Housing for Professional Officers

That soldiers enjoy a free meal at the barracks is normal. But that noncommissioned officers join the mess is indeed an issue. As the economic crisis, the strict austerity and the income decreases knock the doors of more and more Greek households, low ranking members of the Greek Armed Forces are not exempted from the rule. Especially those who are forced to maintain two households if they serve in another area and the family remain at home.

 A couple of days ago, new Chief of Defense, Gen. Michalis Kostarakis’ order facilitates noncommissioned officers and professional soldiers to enjoy free lunch at the barracks. All they need to do is to inform the caterers a day in advance. The measure aiming to aid those in economic difficulties applies at the Army, Navy and the Air Force.  The military leadership considers also to provide military personnel with free lodging to those officers facing pressing financial problems. Officers will be able to take advantage of the summer houses belonging to the military. But first it needs to be recorded how many apartments have heating, how many are available and what financial criteria will be applied for the beneficiaries. Source: Proto Thema


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