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Greece’s silent dramas: Senior hospitalized with severe hypothermia

Austerity 2019 in Greece and the silent dramas. People, mostly elderly, who live without electricity and heating. A man was transferred to the hospital of Larissa in Central Greece from his hometown in Farsala. He was diagnosed with serious hypothermia. While the medical staff is doing whatever possible to treat …

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Four more decades of austerity for Greece

Greece has been one of the biggest economic failures one normally sees in countries hit by war of revolution. After eight years of bailouts, brinkmanship and even more bailouts, Greece’s economy is finally ready to stand on its own again. Well, what’s left of it, writes an analyst on Washington …

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Greek Parliament passes austerity bill with prior actions worth €5.5billion

The Plenary of the Greek Parliament passed the omnibus bill with the prior actions necessary for the conclusion of the fourth and final review of the Greek programme. The fast-track bill was passed on Thursday afternoon with 154 votes in favor and and 144 against, in a total of 298 …

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Tsipras in Davos: “Turkey is an aggressive neighbor” blames “austerity policies” for rise of racism and nationalism in Europe

Speaking at a panel discussion in Davos, Switzerland, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras described Turkey as an “aggressive neighbor.” Addressing the migration crisis, he blamed “austerity policies” for “the rise of racism and nationalism in Europe.” His European partners couldn’t always appreciate the challenges of living with an ‘aggressive’ neighbor …

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Ghost of Christmas Present: PPC cuts power to mother of four

Ignorance? Want? Ugly, mean and greedy little creatures? That was in mid-Victorian England and in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  In the novel that has touched millions people ever since it was first published in 1843, ‘the two emaciated children” grow up to be adults, Ignorance as adult man in …

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Santa’s presents to Greek kids fall victim to austerity…

Greece in the eighth year of austerity. Santa may come also to Greek kids but his gifts may suffer austerity cuts as well. Bitter Christmas humor by a Greek cartoonist. The Greek version by Tasos Anastasiou …and the English version translated and designed by @teacherdude  

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