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Greece’s silent dramas: Senior hospitalized with severe hypothermia

Austerity 2019 in Greece and the silent dramas. People, mostly elderly, who live without electricity and heating. A man was transferred to the hospital of Larissa in Central Greece from his hometown in Farsala. He was diagnosed with serious hypothermia.

While the medical staff is doing whatever possible to treat the poor elderly, his future situation does not not promising.

He has been living alone in a home without electricity and any form of heating.

When and if recovers the hospital will have to discharge him. So far, no social service has taken responsibility for the sick elderly, local news website notes adding “Greece in 2019 – Full of optimism!”

Even if the bailout program ended in August 2018, there are still people who fall through the social network or are unable to receive the government’s one-off extra money injection for the poor.

A failure of the state social system to take care of isolated cases? I can’t say how this can be possible to implement such a plan, if people do not go seek help.

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