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Thousands Greek Jobless To Pay “Solidarity Tax” for …Jobless

Thousands of Greek jobless will have to pay ‘solidarity tax” as the law provides that even if they have worked one single day during the current year, they cannot be considered as ‘jobless’ for the genius minds of the national Finance Ministry. According to daily Eleftherotypia, the jobless will have to pay the so-called ‘solidarity tax’ apparently for jobless funds, even if they have no job, no income and no hope. Furthermore they will have to pay an additional 1% ‘punishment’ for the time between their application fro exemption and the payment deadline, if their application is rejected.

The solidarity tax applies to income of 2010. What if the taxpayer is without job in 2011 and has no source of even a minimum income? The state mechanism is not interested. IT just asks the tax from people without work, practically unable to fulfill their tax duties.

One should not wonder then why “small fish” still tries to escape taxation either by consuming without asking or issuing receipts for the benefit of a price reduction.

At the same time “big sharks” , i.e. big scale debtors owing the tax offices thousands of euro, get detained, and go free on bail. Their names get public, their ‘dignity’ is ruined but at the end no euro from tax evasion lands in the state registers.

On another page, the newspaper  reports of a case of a businessman that his 4 million euro to state debt was simply … written off due to time limitation. “It is impressive how the businessman escaped the law and how the authorities didn’t manage for five years to send to him in time the court invitation for a trial. Now the €4 million had been ‘absorbed’ by the time limitation”, the newspaper notes. 

 PS How was the old commercial slogan? Live your (tax and injustice) myth in Greece?

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  1. are you suprised by this KTG? Do you really think that anything has changed in the past 2 years? the same people who were targeted before are targeted now as well. our politicians will not change, and in the next elections it will be the same people who run for office and they will make sure that any competition from someone new is going to be burried under media stories that journalists who have vested interests in party politics will make sure to print stories probably saying that the new parties/people or whatever dont have exposure to europeans and credibility whereas our lot so far are experienced. they will always find a way to stick to their chair. im looking forward to them changing the voting laws so that they make sure they get their own in again.

  2. No, not surprised either. Although it still surprises me how physically sickening I find it when I read these stories. Guess that’s a good thing?
    But what is solution, Vassilis? How to get out of this…

  3. Surprised, nope… Neither is my Greek husband. Same old, same old…ciao

  4. the fact that we feel sick mean we are still human and we havent just knuckled under. as for solutions i dont know antoni. have you noticed that the media are now doing fearmongering about coups and juntas, to try and convince people that bad politicians are better than a junta, so that we accept what we have and call ourselves lucky? the only solution that does not involve violence or any other extreme is when the next election occur people vote for represantatives and not parties. you vote for the person and not for the party. if that means voting some small party so be it, if it means voting for an independent, the same. unless we as citizens dont force them to change, they will never change.

    • Very, very good approach, Vassilis!

    • You have as much an answer as I have, it seems 😉
      Yes I noticed the ‘campaign’ that seems to be going on. Like that report that a number of cadets sang a pro-junta anthem on the November 17 in their mess.
      But bad politicians are indeed still better than any junta. But we are here touching on the eternal problem democracy faces now and then: what to do when people vote in those who were, are or will dismantle democracy. Or voting for those who do not care about the people. You see it all over Europe. But we seem not to have time left to change the game. The cards are stacked against us. And not from the outside. They just take advantage of the failed state that is Greece today. And I see no concerted effort here in Greece of changing the system. Of course not by the politicians. But also not by intellectuals. They are all busy saving their own small world, or they are loudly busy solving the problems of everybody except our own.
      I am really sick and tired of hearing that Greece might have problems but the main problem is Europe. Systemic or not, it just is a ploy to not to have to deal with the problems at home.
      How to solve the problems here without violence or extreme? I don’t know either… How to rebuild a broken system but keep all those who broke it at the wheel… I don’t see how… One solution would be to recognize in parliament the part of the votes that are blanc of not given. Because now there is no consequence for the sitting clique if 100% of the voters vote or just 10%. I think that is a flaw in the system that has to be repaired, because it might give us a way out of this broken State.
      One can dream can’t one?

      • dreams are there to be dreamed… 🙂 I’ma sick & tired too 🙁

      • its the violence that worries me. the longer this goes on the more steam will build, and of course when it goes boom there will be no such thing as innocents or bystanders. as we say “tha tous parei olous to potami” but we hope and dream as you put it. as for the army singing songs, i find it at least hypocritical considering LAOS and is in goverment and boridis who was part of the junta youth is a minister.

  5. Vassilis is spot on, voting for the same parties is a vote for more of the same. Voters in the UK are gradually waking up to this. Englighten me someone please, if someone has NO money how are they going to make them pay this tax? Same with the tax on your electricity. Will they take their homes, possessions etc. We have taxes on our electricity/gas bills which we never used to have, ours are GREEN taxes, paying for the biggest scam in history, global warming, a scam that is making politicans/relatives/friends and vested interests very rich with the taxpayer subsidies they receive, we’re being squeezed dry with green taxes, VAT, income tax, NI, tax on fuel, tax to pay the EU £50 million a WEEK. It was worked out over half of our income goes in taxes, directly/indirectly, the wealthy get tax breaks and use tax havens. The EU/goverments screw the little people to the floor and wipe their shoes on us while doing so. I’d vote for a rat before a candidate of our three main parties.

    • I hope Greeks will start slowly to wake up too. I wonder too how they will strangulate people and make them pay taxes out of no money.

  6. It will be interesting to see how they’re going to achieve getting money from those that don’t have any, and there must be hundreds of thousands in Greece in this position. I know Greece is in a worse position than the UK but here last year over 2,000 people died of the cold because they couldn’t afford heating because the leccy/gas bills have risen so high with green taxes, and just a few weeks ago a couple committed suicide because they couldn’t afford to pay their bills, eat & keep warm, I expect to read more of this. Has there been this sort of tragedy in Greece. The powers that be just shrug their shoulders and carry on taxing. They’re now going to borrow another £40 billion to plough into the IMF to bail out Italy, this when they’re letting their own die.

    • No such tragedies known in Greece but the winter is still young. However, I expect incidents like “house burning due to portable stoves” as many people cannot pay neither heating oil nor natural gas.

    • …this when they’re letting their own die.

      And you seem to fall for the old trick of ‘our own’ and ‘them’.

      • Don’t tell me you’re not more worried about Greeks than anyone else because I wouldn’t believe you. There really is no pleasing you AntonisX, whatever I post you mock or find fault with. What is your problem.

        • Oh come on, Antonis may always wants to know 1,000 things before they occur but he seems to be a nice and concerned guy. Do not take it personally, Anon, it’s maybe a matter of no-cmpatibiilty of the astrological signs of both of you.. (lol)

          • Do not take it personally, Anon, it’s maybe a matter of no-cmpatibiilty of the astrological signs of both of you………..You could be right LOL. 🙂