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EOPYY patients to pay 85% from own pockets as diagnostic centers re-open

Private diagnostic centers in Greece will go back in operation as of Thursday, June 13th 2019, however with a ‘punishment’ for insured patients. They will have to pay 85% of the bill from their own pocket and then claim refund by the National Health Care Insurance Fund EOPYY. Under the …

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Greeks to be charged with €0,50 so that needy households have electricity

Journalists needed to put a lot of pressure on Environment Minister to reveal who will pay the bill so that needy Greeks will have electricity again. Minister Giannis Maniatis had to admit that the “social policy”, the Greek coalition government generously announced, will be paid by the rest of the …

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Survey: 4:10 Greeks borrow money to pay their bills

Four out of ten Greeks borrow money in order to pay utility and other bills. Also 40% states that they have not enough money to live a decent life due to lay-offs, unemployment, wage cuts, increased taxes and the price of heating oil, and declare that utility bills -electricity, telephone, …

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Thousands Greek Jobless To Pay “Solidarity Tax” for …Jobless

Thousands of Greek jobless will have to pay ‘solidarity tax” as the law provides that even if they have worked one single day during the current year, they cannot be considered as ‘jobless’ for the genius minds of the national Finance Ministry. According to daily Eleftherotypia, the jobless will have to pay the so-called …

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