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Transparency International: Greece & Italy Most Corrupt among EZ countries

Greece and Italy top the list of Eurozone countries perceived as corrupted according to Transparency International a watchdog on public sector corruption. Greece got 3.4 points and Italy 3.9 points with Greece ranked at the bottom of the 17 members of the EZ. Among the 27 members of the European Union, Greece is just one rank on top of Bulgaria that hit the bottom of the list perceived as most corrupted.

“Eurozone countries suffering debt crises, partly because of public authorities’ failure to tackle the bribery and tax evasion that are key drivers of debt crisis, are among the lowest-scoring EU countries” stresses TI in a press release.

The Corruption Perception Index -2011 edition drew data from surveys conducted between December 2009 and September 2011 among 183 countries. These surveys and assessments include questions related to the bribery of public officials, kickbacks in public procurement, embezzlement of public funds, and the effectiveness of public sector anti-corruption efforts.

Transparency International stresses about its Perception methods and not real facts that

“Perceptions are used because corruption is to a great extent a hidden activity that is difficult to measure. Over time, perceptions have proved to be a reliable estimate of corruption.”

On the list of 183 countries, Greece ranked 80 and Italy 69 – [and proved that in South Europe corruption is much much better than in Iraq (Rank 175), Sudan (177), Afghanistan (180), Somalia and North Korea both at the bottom of the world corruption list on rank 182.]

Greece shares the same rank with Colombia, El Salvador, Morocco, Peru and Thailand.  

In general TI states that

“Public outcry at corruption, impunity and economic instability sent shockwaves around the world in 2011. Protests in many countries quickly spread to unite people from all parts of society. Their backgrounds may be diverse, but their message is the same: more transparency and accountability is needed from our leaders.

The 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index shows that public frustration is well founded. No region or country in the world is immune to the damages of corruption, the vast majority of the 183 countries and territories assessed score below five on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 10 (very clean.) New Zealand, Denmark and Finland top the list, while North Korea and Somalia are at the bottom.”

 While watching a report on Corruption 2011 on Greek TV earlier today, I saw one of TI officials saying that “after corruption in the puclic sector comes citizens’ tolerance to the problem”. I would agree

For the Full Corruption 2011 Report of Transparency International Click HERE!

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