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Hermes: from Dumped Stray to Insistent Tomcat (video)

He is one of the most beautiful boys I know. And the most insistent one. Hermes’ hobby in winter is to open the balcony door. Whether to go outside, whether to come inside. Hermes stands ups and starts …talking “Miw,maw, minminmawmin”. He won’t stop until you open the door even a tiny bit. Hermes will do the rest!

 Video: Hermes opening the door

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Hermes is proud 16 months old. At the age of two months, Hermes was dumped at a Greek highway together with his two brothers. They were fatally hit by the passing cars. An animal lover  who was accidentally passing from the area found him. He was in a state of panic. But he was rescued. And grew up into a fluffy, healthy, loved but terribly insistent tomcat. Occasionally a very lazy one!

 More pictures of Hermes you can see in FB here

Hermes’ first day in a human apartment after a bath.

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