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TikTok removes video of Tsipras playing with children

Τik Tok took down a video showing main opposition leader and former Prime Minister, left-wing Alexis Tsipras, playing basketball with children from the SOS Village in Vari, East Attica, on the Easter Sunday. According to SYRIZA affiliated daily “Avgi”, the 13-second-long video in question received massive reports which claimed “violation …

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Massive Sahara dust cloud in Greece until April 2 (forecast video)

A new massive Sahara dust cloud is forecast to be transferred to Greece from North Africa between Tuesday and Saturday, March 29 and April 2, 2022. Quantities of Sahara dust have been transferred to the country since last Sunday, March 27, but the new cloud will be significantly stronger. According …

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“Bianca” strikes northern Greece with heavy snowfalls (videos)

Bad weather front Bianca stroke northern Greece with heavy snowfalls and ice conditions that forced authorities to ban trucks from Egnatia Odos highway and motorists to use snow chains on Sunday. Traffic was banned on many rural roads around Thessaloniki, Chortiatis-Agios Vassilios and Melissochori-Oreokastro due to adverse weather conditions. The …

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Asteroid 7482 Flyby captured by Greek astronomer (video)

Τhe course of asteroid 7482 (1994 PC1) was observed and captured by the Institute of Astronomy, Astrophysics, Space Applications & Remote Sensing (IAADET) of the National Observatory of Athens (EAA). Asteroid 7482 belongs to the category of potentially dangerous asteroids due to its dimensions and its relatively close transits from …

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Anti-vaxxer parents burn children book informing preschoolers on pandemic (video)

Parents opposing vaccination and the wearing of masks set a children’s book on fire to protest the measures against Covid-19. The unprecedented incident that reminds of “dark days” of our civilization took place in Halkida, the cpaital of the island of Evia, just 50 km away from Athens. The book …

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Policeman smashes shop’s window in Athens, shouting “I’m crazy!” (video)

Video footage show an riot police officer in full gear running into a shop’s window and smashing the glass with his fist and his club. He throws a baton with what it seems an ‘anarchists’ flag.”. Inside the shop are the terrified staff and customers who shout in fear calling …

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