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Archbishop of Athens: Austerity “Fatal”, could Trigger “Social Explosion”

The leader of Greece’s Orthodox Church, Archbishop of Athens and All Greec,e Ieronmos II warned on Thursday,  that the rising poverty in the crisis-hit country could trigger a “social explosion,” as the government raced to push through more cost-cutting reforms needed to conclude debt deals and avoid a default in March.

“Homelessness and even hunger — phenomena seen during (World War Two) — have reached nightmare proportions,” Ieronymos wrote in a letter to Prime Minister Lucas Papademos.

“Patience among Greeks is running out, giving way to a sense of anger, and the danger of a social explosion cannot be ignored any longer.”

He added: “The medicine we are taking has proved fatal for the nation. More painful, and more unjust measures are now set to follow along the same, hopeless course.”

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  1. The reality of the Euro and the European countries is fairly easy to understand. You don’t need to have a college degree, nor 3d glasses, nor work for Nasa to understand what Europe has done to Greece, Italy, Spain and every other European country. The European Nation has made every country a debt slave. This is an economic war, this is about placing those European countries in such debt strap that every citizen looses their identity, their culture, and are left in poverty. To the people of Greece, Italy, France, Spain and calling to all European Countries, stop the slavery, this is your moment in your life to save the future of your land, your identity, and your children’s identity rest in your hands. Say NO to the IMF, walk away from Euro or be destroyed in debt.

    • Great speech! I take it this call is also directed to the biggest debt slave of all, the USA? But it’s refreshing to hear for once no reference to Germany.
      Only question: why are you calling on ‘The People of Europe’ when you say that there is no such thing?

    • Totally agree, but I think you waste your time. I’ve read KTG for quite a time now, very good it is, and very rarely have I seen a post when AntonisX will blame the EU, and he’s in favour of keeping the euro. It baffles me, truly it does, it puts into perspective why many have a dig at the Greek situation (no I’m not talking about lazy Greeks, I do’t think that, and I do have sympathy, I think it’s appalling what’s happening to ordinary people) when as polls have shown they want to keep the euro. They don’t seem to understand, though their politicans understand all too well, that they could default, and start again, could walk away from the euro and not be any worse off, in fact in a few years they’d start recovering, carrying on as they are now, they never will, all that’ll happen is they’ll keep borrowing more to pay the interest on the previous borrowing, a never ending cycle. But the politicans & Eurocrats will be carrying on with the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed, on the back of the poor Greeks.

  2. America has always had debt, and will be just fine as long as we can control our US Dollar. Greece, unfortuantely, does not have that luxury at the moment. Plus, the US has a wonderful Department of Agriculture and plenty of GMO foods that will feed our people so we’ll be fine.

  3. Save the people.
    Agreed. All is going to plan.
    Who can name me one euro country that would have agreed and voted for fiscal union when the currency was introduced. Even taking into account the EU’s method of repeat referendums until the acceptable result is returned it would have been a non starter.
    Slowly slowly catchee monkey.

    • I had the great ‘fun’ of experiencing the introduction of the Euro twice. Once in The Netherlands and later in Greece. In both countries a majority was in favour. For different reasons and it went sour soon after because of enormous price hikes that were not dealt with, as was promised beforehand, by the governments.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        citizens should approach politicians with caution, in every country. Lessons that life teaches.