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“Modern Slaves” in Athens – Dozens Immigrants Work in Inhuman Conditions

Dozens of illegal immigrants were found to work under squalid conditions behind iron bars and under the surveillance of cameras in four clothing manufacturing companies in Athens. Police and social security fund IKA units raided the three companies in Patisia district and one in  Nea Ionia suburb to find a total of 82 immigrants working under conditions similar to slavery. People without names and papers, victims of human trafficking gangs and greedy businessmen, captive by their own dreams for a bright future far away from home. 

Speaking to news portal NewsIt,  Labour Inspector Michalis Halaris said that

“The people were afraid and in poor condition. They had no idea of ​​the labour law. Unfortunately there are entrepreneurs who take advantage and treat immigrants in such miserable way.operate in this miserable way immigrants. Entrepreneurs will face criminal sanctions.

It was further revealed that the entrepreneurs were handling large quantities of clothing without documentation and invoices. The businesses’ owners were detained and each was fined with 10,000 euro, in the first place.

PS I guess, everybody went home in a peaceful state of mind, except the immigrants….

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